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Annie Liebowitz?

Know her?

Of course you do…… ace photographer. Work featured in every good magazine, journal.

Photographer to the stars……

So – check it out : :

Screen Shot 2012 09 28 at 9 23 24 AM

Yes – here’s a current showcase of some of her work…..

Oh yeah – so, who are these guys?

Screen Shot 2012 09 28 at 9 23 38 AM

You may be right…..you may be wrong.

DesignPlanOnline knows……

Travel on your mind? Somewhere exotic? Beautiful of course – special….Mediterranean maybe?

Go here ::

Screen Shot 2012 09 28 at 9 23 50 AM

If you do you might find us there also…..

DesignPlanOnline has a new richer look – easier to navigate, easier to choose the categories of your interest –

There is, after all : :


Interior Design

Industrial Design


Graphic Design






If you come visit us you’ll see : :

Photo 5302981

and : :

Illustration 6

plus : :

Dezeen London Britannia Airport by Gensler 2a

So – come and visit – DesignPlanOnline

We are passionate about design, its roots, where it’s been and where it’s going…..


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