: : DESIGNPLAN : : 01-09

September….LOVE September!

Leaves burned/burning – literally before our eyes….we watch, we inhale the pungent smoke, we embrace the fragrant wood smoke

of the first fires. BBQs on a chill afternoon – as the sun sets, the coal burns, glowing embers in a quiet chaos of sparks, flame.

The steaks at first turn on the grill – or the leg of lamb turning, waltzing slowly along the spit. Quiet wine, the clink of glass against ice…..

a wanted/needed embrace : : we celebrate this ritual passage with the drone of the NFL off in the distance, the sharp laughter of

kids in leaves – we wait for it each, every year…..because, rather than an end to a season, it is truly the RenaissancePoint. That where

life starts – to begin again……

This 1st issue of September is comprehensive in that all the categories that are the constituent elements of DesignPlan – have content.

Rich content…..considered content, Ideas that are extraordinary populate the issue…… such as : :

1346424665 2 10design zhuhaisummer interior 1

And this : :

747BBJ Aeroloft sleeping area

What is it? Why, it’s a shnuggy sleeping compartment of course….

But, tell me – is it on a ship? Or maybe a train…..not a bus I don’t think. But – but…..that only leaves……..!

In any event after a good night’s rest, re-charged, energized – bubbling with passion for the day/dawn, think about settling

yourself into : :

Onyx 14

Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh-some! Yes?

What is THAT? You’ll need to come spend a little time with us at DesignPlanOnline…..and you’ll see.

And you’ll also see – and be as intrigued as I was – and countless thousands – as to the story behind this

wonderfully candid shot…..see? It’s a real event…….as they are led off in handcuffs, SHE – foxy as she

appears to be – leans into her beau, longing for that lasting kiss before separation. It’s a wild, and interesting


Now – this could make a cool contest……figure out what this is and you could win – something.

First figure out what it is…..

Sf chair design1Other neat ideas to see/explore in this issue : :

Measuring tape 1

184488 elise kim

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE – cool/clever graphic design…..

Come visit – spend some time with us. We find the coolest things, tell the greatest tales and promise always – to exercise the ultimum in COOL DESIGN CONSCIOUSNESS!



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