Telegram! Telegram for Mr/s. Smith…….Telegram!

You didn’t get the memo?
How could that be?

I’m sure – quite sure you were included on the mail-out…..

Most baffling.

I do apologise then – it was not my intention that anyone should be kept in the dark, so to speak.

Okay, so here it is again : :

Flash message : :
DesignPlan to follow new summer publishing schedule for July/August 2012.

It will be a single monthly edition over these summer months.
For those that would like to better understand the rationale in such a decision, it is based on two facts: :

1. Summer schedules, for everyone, are far more lax. Newsworthiness is somewhat more difficult to source as companies and key employees enjoy their vacation periods

2. In thecfirst week of July i am scheduled for a fairly serious lower back surgery. The consequence of which will require up to 3 weeks of bedrest/immobility.

On the one hand, this procedure – 4 years overdue – is something i am very much looking forward to…… The possibility of relief from pain/discomfort is a palpable sensory anticipation.

On the other hand, I have never been much of a beach-sitter – and the prospect of having TV and media as a daily force fed environment, makes me twitch.

But, it is a path – an absolutely necessary path, that I am reconciled to pursue.

So – my apologies : : the next issue, to be published in thefirst week of July, will be a Special Focus issue : : it will concentrate on Tech\Tools.

What with the impending release of the new iPhone 5, with this week’s announcement by Microsoft about SURFACE……along with many, many new software/hardware releases that deal with the designn environment, it will be an issue rich in detail/data.

So, please, stay tuned, and in fact, please re-connect with us in the first week of July.

You will not be disappointed…….

And , yes, of course – there will be a fair amount of features in respect to interiors, architecture, etc.

Thank you all

Michael Moore


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