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‘Tis a weakness, I admit – a true weakness of mine.

I have a PASSION for graphics, for T Y P O G R A P H Y….

and, if you’ve followed my writingZ prior, ’tis clever graphics I really adore.

Take this one for example……at first glance, you see the letter ‘M’ – then you notice the interior m-shape which appears as a crown……as in ‘fit for a king’

….and, ergo – the name beneath, MARIO KING.

DroppedImage 1

Of course it’s clever…..

And this one?


Just TooCool for being a CoolCat – yes?

Well – guess what….over at DesignPlan there’s a bunch more +++ a Beginner’s Guide to Typography. Terms and definitions.

No – I didn’t write it …. but it’s food,it’s cool.

Ahhh – but there’s more – yes, Gracie, more…….such as ::

California roll house 07

This really cool architecture. Don’t you LOVE the StarTrekKy doorway?

Then again, there’s this Master Bedroom – InDaSky…..yup! This is in a regular run-of-the-mill executive jet…….you can see more of that kinda thing over on DesignPlan.

Private Jet

Plus, this really neat stool ::

Milan12 SaloneSatellite RuiAlves NoseStool

and this most wonderful photograph…..


DesignPlan is definitely evolving, growing – shaping itself into more

of a design catchall – we hope. A weekly focus on the following topics : :

interior design


industrial design

graphic design




and more…..

Come visit



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