: : DESIGNPLAN : : JULY issue

And so, it is July : : the first week. Happy 4thOfJuly wishes to all…..

As promised, this MONTH’s issue is mostly all about T E C H – tech tools, tech innovations, tech marvels and wonders……

how about the 30 storey building, erected complete, in 30 days – in China…..

or how about LEVITATING lamps? Like this one?

You can also get a sneak peek at the forthcoming NEW iPad – the minIpad….a little less than 8″in length looking

like this : :

We’ll also show you a recent scientific article about a mind-reading system that lets you type with your brain….

lemme see – how does THAT work with touch-typing?

There’s all kind of stuff in this month’s issue…..even a little treatise al about ‘The Future of the Human Race.’

Maybe they aren’t aware, that that race has already been lost – but, oh well……carry on.

Yes – it’s all at DesignPlanOnline.

Oh yes – there’s also this : :

and this : :


Come visit…….



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