: : DESIGNPLAN : : JULY issue

And so, it is July : : the first week. Happy 4thOfJuly wishes to all….. As promised, this MONTH’s issue is mostly all about T E C H – tech tools, tech innovations, tech marvels and wonders…… how about the 30 storey building, erected complete, in 30 days – in China….. or how about LEVITATING … Continue reading

: : DESIGNPLAN : : 03•

Aha! And so – what do we have here? A revolution? You say? Might be – might just be – revolutionary thoughts and ideas are the fodder, the loam, from whence spring unique and unorthodox concepts, ideas…..not all of them good, of course. But, where there’s friction – there will be, ultimately, fire…… Thus – … Continue reading

: : DESIGNPLAN : : 1••   So – ya like LEGO? Yeah…we all like LEGO. Our kids, us – babysitters……LEGO is cool. So – how ’bout y’all try to do this with LEGO? Go here: :   Then go on over to DesignPlanOnline to see the rest…..   You might even like this: : … Continue reading