: : DESIGNPLAN : : August Issue

    AUGUST ISSUE : : is all about (mostly),                           a  r  c  h  i  t  e  c  t  u  r  e   Please head over to DesignPlanOnline for some stunning examples of architecture and design………..     ….and feast your eyes … Continue reading

: : DESIGNPLAN : : 05•••

I keep hearing that Spring, is just around the corner…….only problem is, in these here parts (Montréal) – all the corners are rounded. So it makes it difficult to actually determine where a corner starts and ends……but, Spring, is around there – somewhere. Mostly we’re getting rain – and lots – no, too much of … Continue reading

: : DESIGNPLAN : : #42

  : :    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….. That would suggest that we all – are beholders. For we all, observe, evaluate, process – images, sights, events, occurrences…….and we all, reach conclusions pertinent to such ‘visions’.   Some, see differently : :   Bram Tihany is one such: :   Or, … Continue reading