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So – this is…… What exactly? Okay – let’s see – it’s a new radio telescope…….no? Why not? Ah – yes – ’cause it needs to be concave in shape in order to receive signals. But – wait! Maybe it’s a broadcast dish type thing…..I mean – if it can’t receive, maybe it is meant … Continue reading

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Since Spring is rumoured to be coming, and then hopefully summer……hanging around and reading a book is probably one of the more pleasurable pastimes. Hanging around in this rig, on a summer porch, would probably be some kinda wonderful…….you think? We can tell you where to get a piece of this, some kinda wonderful…… Yup … Continue reading

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Aha! And so – what do we have here? A revolution? You say? Might be – might just be – revolutionary thoughts and ideas are the fodder, the loam, from whence spring unique and unorthodox concepts, ideas…..not all of them good, of course. But, where there’s friction – there will be, ultimately, fire…… Thus – … Continue reading

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: : DESIGNPLAN : :      02••• SpringBreak! Love it!  Those who get to take advantage of it – students, teachers (come moi….) – parents of students and teachers (?) – yes – we all get to rush to crowded airports, get on crowded planes, fly through crowded skies and arrive at crowded airports … Continue reading

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A Literal, BATH…….: : Okay – so next week-end, come on out to the country place….of course. Of course you can bring the dog, and the kids….yes, all of them. Yes, even Fflloyd. I know – I know he didn’t mean any harm. It’s okay, all is forgiven. Yes – the insurance company was surprisingly … Continue reading

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This, is the 2nd issue of the new format….. We’re hoping you like it – it is a work in progress, a man-in-motion sort of thing. It will ebb/flow, meander and change, within certain parameters as the best combination of features and ease-of-use is synthesized…… For a few more weeks, the MainSite [www.designplanonline.net] will continue … Continue reading

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  WutzNew?   Lots…….lots is new, starting with this issue. A great deal of t/e (time/effort) has been devoted to exploring mays by which DesignPlan could be improved. How it could be improved for you, the reader. And, here is what we’ve come up with…..   Up until now DesignPlan has been completely linear. When … Continue reading

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  Week •••/12   But then, y’all knew that, right? And it was only a few days ago that CES [Consumer Electronics Show]  in Las Vegas packed up all their tents and headed off into the techSunset.   But not before they brought these goodies to our attention : :   Qu’est-ce que? you might … Continue reading

: : DESIGNPLAN : : 1••   So – ya like LEGO? Yeah…we all like LEGO. Our kids, us – babysitters……LEGO is cool. So – how ’bout y’all try to do this with LEGO? Go here: :   Then go on over to DesignPlanOnline to see the rest…..   You might even like this: : … Continue reading