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I keep hearing that Spring, is just around the corner…….only problem is, in these here parts (Montréal) – all the corners are rounded.

So it makes it difficult to actually determine where a corner starts and ends……but, Spring, is around there – somewhere.
Mostly we’re getting rain – and lots – no, too much of it.

The focus for this issue is on Interior Design – there are three different instances of interiors : :

– a cool café in Seoul

– a fabulous estate in Mill Neck, New York

– a very beautiful new home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Villa Roces 9

In Industrial Design we have coverage of this beast : :


And you’re gonna want to know a lot more about Dominique Vorillon : :

3 1314050561 1stDibs A9D Vorillon 091

3 1314050135 1stDibs A9D Vorillon 045

 You will see her fantastic photography on DesignPlanOnline
In Tech/Tools you will find this to be of interest – a new OLED flexible screen which soon, may end up being the screen on your cel-phone : :
3 Unbreakable Smartphone Screen
We also have some of the greatest iconic photographs – Frank Sinatra, Kate Moss, Elizabeth Taylor. These are gallery pieces available for purchase : :
Or, how about this certified antique bathtub – just the thing you need for your next garden party to fill with ice and load up with your favourite drinks : :
And this beauty – it’s a stunner – a fabulous house by a Belgian architectural firm. You have to see it : :
Villa Roces 9
 Come visit : : DesignPlanOnline

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