: : DESIGNPLAN : : 05••

This issue is focused on photography – images, a fabulous photographer’s studio on the edge of pristine lake : :

700 williams studio 06 jpeg

What do you think? Think you could get any work done here?

700 williams studio 01 jpeg

I’m thinking I wouldn’t – but you gotta see the interior…..once you see it you’ll agree with me.

So head on over to DesignPlanOnline.

Or, you could take a side-trip to Montana maybe…….

Because, I – LIKE this place…..

Stock Farm 07 800x720

And if neither of these places suit your fancy, then how about a neat little red farmhouse in the countryside in Sweden….

it’s for sale after the owners poured heart, soul and a whole lot of clever design thinking into it : :


And, oh yes – photography – we have a little bit of that in this issue…….for example, a selection of clever photography that plays with scale: :

26 295727166

Now for all you computer Nudniks – how ’bout this after you’ve won the lotto – or cashed in

some of that FB stock : :

Emperor 200 luxury computer workstation

But, since it’s summer – and it’s sizzling’ already, a bunch of these scattered about your back yard would be – yes – OhSoCool(ing)

Flexible cooling mister

Come see us at DesignPlanOnline

We’re friendly folk who are DesignFreaks – in all the various assorted design languages that there are.


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