: : DESIGNPLAN : : 04 ••

So – this is……

What exactly? Okay – let’s see – it’s a new radio telescope…….no?

Why not?

Ah – yes – ’cause it needs to be concave in shape in order to receive signals.

But – wait! Maybe it’s a broadcast dish type thing…..I mean – if it can’t receive, maybe it is meant to send…..

to send messages….yes! That’s probably it!

Well – the answer is quite simple really….and you can find it at DesignPlanOnline.

While you’re waiting for that to come up, you should maybe, get comfortable like……

Not too shabby, huh?

Think it’s kinda cool……you can sotrta roll back and forth, sip on some New England Ice tea……hang out….

Yes…..yes you could – and watch the other coll stuff over on DesignPlanOnline…..

Like : :

Ah yes….seeing is believing – come watch with us. You’ll be surprised.

2 Responses to “: : DESIGNPLAN : : 04 ••”
  1. S’il vous plaît mettez à jour ce blog avec de nouvelles informations. Il me manque. Je le trouvais très utile pour me remotiver quand j’avais besoin au cours de ma journée de travail difficile.

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