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Aha! And so – what do we have here? A revolution?

You say?

Might be – might just be – revolutionary thoughts and ideas are the fodder, the loam, from whence spring unique and unorthodox
concepts, ideas…..not all of them good, of course. But, where there’s friction – there will be, ultimately, fire……

Thus – let your imagination be FIRED by this…….


Not gonna tell ya….you has to just go check it out.

And the iPad 2++ or 4-1…..do we know? Do we, really, care? ‘Tis enough that Apple has not only closed the gap in the so-called
tablet wars – they have put a new drawbridge over it and can now charge ‘passage tolls’  to the competition.

Let’s get serious, okay? I mean – well, yes – there’s all kinds of righteous indignation from the AndroidInbreed – to the effect that
Android will ultimately prevail……or that Microsoft, in all their rudderless fumbling will offer ultimately a better device….

Get serious! Apple OWNS it! With the advent of the new display, the extra power, the battery capability – as an old and wise sage –
from, I think New Jersey, once said – FUHGEDDABOUTIT! Ain’t gonna happen……

Best all the wannabe’s can do now is catch-up…..watch – you’ll see. they’ll start to take refuge in the specialty vertical markets….
attempting to convince car dealers or bakeries or shoe stores – that their apps can actually benefit them.  Not!

So – check this out……this video. If it actually has the legs to make it a reality guess who’s gonna own it too?
Yup – those orchard guys……

In any ever – it’s a cool device and it will become reality sooner rather than later….MarkMeWords.

Okay – ’nuff said………onto design stuff…

How ’bout : :

In Los Angeles – with a view to the HOLLYWOOD sign…..merely $12,000,000.00…..

Plus : :

and, for a really superYacht : :

You can see all this at DesignPlanOnline.

Oh – and yes….then there’s this : :

Some of the works of SALLY MANN……

Come visit us – see the sights…


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