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Love it!  Those who get to take advantage of it – students, teachers (come moi….) – parents of students and teachers (?) –

yes – we all get to rush to crowded airports, get on crowded planes, fly through crowded skies and arrive at
crowded airports – to go to crowded beaches, cruise ships, etc……

In any event – I was one such traveller….and my destination was south Florida. To beaches and broad walks, and soothing sunshine.

In the first few days I was there I visited the Aventura Mall. A greta mall – one of the nicest anywhere. Elegant, gracious/spacious – oodles of stores of all stripes…..many/most of a unique design or store architecture.

Ended up at Restoration Hardware – not looking for hardware, of course. Just looking. Have been in that store many times in the last 10 years…….and each time it seems the content has evolved. The chrysalis from hardware-centric goods to full-blown furniture pieces, appears now to be complete.

And, so beautifully…..in the two visits I made to RH within 4 days of none another, I came to understand, that they have become very successful at creating the perfect vertical channel mix – of household accessories, wind coverings, coffee tables, artwork, sofas, chairs, dining tables, mirrors – you name it. Every piece is designed for/by, Restoration Hardware.

Their 616 page Resource Book – about 3 pounds of paper – is a wonderful reading/browsing experience. And they’ll give you one – no charge. Take it – take it home -read it cover to cover like I did. And discover some of the generations old artisans whose passion is the perfection of metal forging, or carpet weaving – Belgian linens, lighting design, and, yes – hardware.

The manager was ever so gracious in allowing me to photograph areas of the store…..the following images are actually taken from their web-site. To see a much greater range of photographs go to DesignPlanOnline.

This week’s post is a Special Issue : :  we will return to our regular format with the next post.


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