: : DESIGNPLAN : : 02••

A Literal, BATH…….: :

Okay – so next week-end, come on out to the country place….of course. Of course you can bring the dog, and the kids….yes, all of them. Yes, even Fflloyd. I know – I know he didn’t mean any harm. It’s okay, all is forgiven. Yes – the insurance company was surprisingly understanding….

Uh – no…..no I don’t think so. No – not the pet snake…..I’m sorry.

But the dogs, yes…..okay – see you then : :

WinterBeachScene – Toronto Islands

Come visit us : :


2 Responses to “: : DESIGNPLAN : : 02••”
  1. Chadder & Co. USA says:

    Great bath! Do you know more about the picture of the “book bath”? Very interesting, I must say…

    • designplan says:

      Hi there….and thank you!
      I don’t have any other info other than what was included. Looks like a fabulous way to deal with old/worn books, yes?
      Let me know if you try it – I’d love to feature it…..


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