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Lots…….lots is new, starting with this issue.

A great deal of t/e (time/effort) has been devoted to exploring mays by which DesignPlan could be improved.

How it could be improved for you, the reader.

And, here is what we’ve come up with…..


Up until now DesignPlan has been completely linear. When you landed on the MainPage at http://www.DesignPlanOnline.net,
the complete issue was a continuous stream – no way to jump to the end, or to a category which may be of greater interest
to you.

That has changed – or, is in the process of changing. For a few weeks the linear arrangement will be maintained,
but at the same time, categories can be directly PageLinked such that if you wish to go immediately to, say OPINION –
just click on the icon. If ARCHITECTURE is what interests you, same thing. Etc., etc., etc.

So – the key categories as of now are:


Interior Design







Real estate




……..others may be added over time but these will probably be the core categories.

We hope you like this change/improvement….if you have any thoughts, suggestions at all please send them
to us at comments@designplanonline.net.

Likewise – should you come across any item,place, store – interior, building – whatever…..send us a note,

along with an image – and we’ll try to include it in an issue….with appropriate credit of course.


In the interim, you may want to check out:

or: :

And this also:

If so please come visit at DesignPlanOnline.



One Response to “: : DESIGNPLAN : : 01/••••”
  1. I love this architecture – its just spectacular! Unfortunately for me, there is no way that incredible staircase would meet the strict construction codes here in the US.

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