: : DESIGNPLAN : : #49


: : DESIGNPLAN : :      #49


So – need one of these? Have you bought a flatpanel TV lately?

And you want to wall-mount it so it looks slick/metro/urban?

Then you need a wall-mount bracket [lots of those about]….. and if you want

the install to look ‘oh so cool’ – then you need to run your HDMI+coAx cable, up the interior of the
wall, and feed it out through one of these….. : :


‘Where can I get theses?’, you are probably asking…..

Come visit us at DesignPlanOnline….


And, what is this? – you ask….

Someday, you might be living with this new technology…….


And, maybe you want to check out this neat bathroom….



For all these answers, come see us at DesignPlanOnline….


We’ll be happy to see you.



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