So – ya wanna know what Subaru is up to?


Subaru – that’s who….

But – don’t they make old-lady cars? They don’t even make a TRUCK, do they?

So – like, why should I care……



Yeah, right – might just change your mind, huh?


Wanna know more? Go to DesignPlanOnline…..


And, oh – while you’re there – would you pick me up one of these?



See, I really need one for my drive home to GrandMa’s house at Christmas…..



Plus – I also need/want one of these …..



Whaddaya mean you don’t know what it is….

Well, in that CASE – head on over to DesignPlanOnline








One Response to “38 : : DESIGNPLAN : : HOHOHO”
  1. Hi designplan, Thank you for the time you put in here. I really fight hard to keep up with the current news in the performance marketing industry. It\’s not as easy as it seems, but I have a few favs I like. Yours is one of them.

    I\’ve done online marketing since 1994 and it\’s still a task to get all the things done each day. So I just wanted to say I like your blog a lot and predominately try and keep up by having secured your feed and secured it into my Google Feed reader.

    May your clicks be many, and your conversions greater.

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