35 : : DesignPlan : :


Bonjour, salut, buongiorno…….hello


Where ARE we going?  Let’s see – 35/52 .6730769%  through the year……. let’s call it two-thirds.

What’s next?  How about a HALLOWE’EN  ISSUE? Maybe the SCARIEST architect ever!  Or the most frightfully BAD


If ANYONE – has anything to contribute….any scaryPictures – any client HorrorStories – submit them – send ’em in….

you’ll get a free DesignPlan t-shirt…..and, we’ll run it – I promise.


So – whaddaya all think about this ? ?

We all had one as kids, right? An Etch-A-Sketch……hours of fun. Ever tried to play TicTacToe on it? That’s a challenge….

Well – this my friendlies, is an Etch-A-Sketch iPad case…..how cool? Want one? go to GeekSquad.com

Or – head on over to http://www.designplanonline.net for details…..


Qu’est-ce que c’est?

C’est quoi? Non….. c’est pas possible mon ami……

Check it out at http://www.designplanonline.net


And, while en route, your travels might take you here : :

Where’s here? Ahhhh – you know how to find out……..it’s pretty cool isn’t  it? Obviously an airport – but where?


And – if nothing else in this post has intrigued you, I know you’d be fibbing if this didn’t….

Is it a ‘Beam me up Scotty’ lamp? May be – go see Cap’n Kirk over at http://www.designplanonline.net


Remember – comments, critiques, contributions, complaints – and heaven forbid – even compliments at comments@designplanonline.net





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