This week’s post is a focus on the world of graphics – graphic design, graphic arts…..




The universe of graphic design is one that more than any other medium, touches us. Touches us and


teaches us. Touches us and tells us stories, tales of woe, of happiness – talks to us in typeface,


in the language of fonts – serif/sans serif….. H E L V E T I CA  – and why not?




Or  OPTIMA……scripts, bolds, italics, parsing…… picas, pixels, inches – they measure out


the effect that we feel – when we feel , the words, the music….




This week we celebrate the sung and the unsung – those who slave to offer their insights, their knowledge in blogs, commentaries and contributions.




One such, is  www.ministryoftype.co.uk



Read more about all this on www.designplanonline.net





And, if you want to know why Batman dropped into DesignPlan, go to www.designplanonline.net





Maybe he was looking for RobYn……?


Then again, maybe he was searching for a brew : :



Well – we did say, this was about graphics and illustration and visual arts…


Oh? We didn’t make mention of visual arts? Shame! Be that as it may, here are some wonderful VisualArts : :


Wanna know who this wonderfully talented artist is? Go to www.designplanonline.net

We have also included information on TYPO London plus other design conferences…..

and design competitions.


Plus there is a super video on the new Wacom Inkling digital drawing pen…..it is SO cool.


So – come visit with us at www.designplanonline.net.


Hoping to see you there
















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