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FOGO ISLAND follow-up …….

Everyone will probably find this interesting – last week’s issue showcased some of the outstanding work by architect Todd Saunders
and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation development. What was not included last week was the backstory. From an intervies with the
magazine FastCompany, Zita Cobb – the woman who seeded the project with a personal donation of $10,000.000.00 – answers questions and
clarifies some of the story….


“On the eastern edge of Newfoundland, in Canada, amid the frigid, churning waters of the North Atlantic, there is an outcropping of bald rock
called Fogo Island. It’s not the sort of place you would typically think to visit on vacation. Really, there’s not much to see, other than a
smattering of weather-beaten clapboard houses that cling to the shore like passengers on a life raft.
The island (population: 2,700) is home to a handful of fishermen who manage to scratch out an existence despite declining fisheries.
There are few trees, and even soil is in short supply; the topography is defined by mounds of solid granite everywhere.

Yet what Zita Cobb sees in this barren landscape is opportunity. The island’s most famous resident, Cobb was once a top executive
at the tech company JDS Uniphase. Today, she’s back ………”


Read the rest on DesignPlanOnline



You also might be intrigued, as I was, with these novel coathooks : :


The web-site and buying info is also at DesignPlanOnline. 

And then there is the coolest concept for walls – or for covering one’s walls – or, uncovering one’s walls and covering them up
once again – with something different. It’s known as ‘slipcovers for walls’ by CASART.

Take a peek : :


There’s more, wait/wait……

There’s a section on a fabulous book – An Affair With A House by renowned designer/decorator Bunny Williams…..

If you care about design/decor/decorating, you have to either buy this book or request if from your library : :


It’s a delicious treat – most books of this nature are picture books, plain and simple. This one has a great story woven between the covers.
Plus the recipes are wonderful – you’ll love Portugese Drunken Chicken. I did.

Check it out at DesignPlanOnline.

There’s more – lots more…..a section again on Professional Practise – about calculation of billing rates/fees….


So – come vist…..






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