: : DesignPlan : : #29

Yes – Issue 29 . . . . .


What do we have here? A new feature. Call it Critics’Corner – or call it whatever you like.

Some will, most certainly, call it names – and probably not too polite names….


That’s okay – every self-respecting designer learns early on that when you walk out he door in the morning you’d
better have donned your thickSkin .


The feature?
Well – as I cruise and careen around the internet – I come across numerous ‘design’ images. Their provenance doesn’t matter much.
If they’re out here, they are fair game. Otherwise, why expose them in the first place?

So – I study them – look at them – feel them. In the most part they are wonderful – little needs to be changed. But there are others that
I believe might be best used as a  learning tool.

So – I’ve selected some – and critiqued them – not in a bitchy fashion, but with legitimate observations.

Check these out : :


Great kitchen -great design overall. So, what do I find ‘out of step’?

See what you see, here : :


Do you agree? If not, say so!

Go to http://www.designplanonline.net for the explanation…..


Okay – so it’s summer reading time –

This isa beauty:

Wanna know more about it? Visit http://www.designplanonline.net…..


This is a wonderful backyard….


Don’t you think? Wouldn’t you like to just hang out here?


If not there, then maybe here?







One Response to “: : DesignPlan : : #29”
  1. I would be happy in just about any of those spots! Great Post!

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