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Paul Raff, born in Montréal, maintains his primary practise office in Toronto. Known as the Studio, it was launched in 1994
and has become internationally renown as a leader in sustainable architecture and design. It has been the recipient of numerous prestigious
awards from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Following are a couple of  ‘snapshots’ of projects : :



Additional projects may be viewed at : : http://www.designplanonline.net


Often-times I have struggled with the design dilemma as how to provide an aesthetically pleasing lighting/mirror configuration
for women in the bathrooms I have designed. It has usually ended up as a compromise which in truth would involve some
jury-rigging by the client after the fact to provide a well lit make-up area.


However, that is now changed : :


This sculptural form is a highly efficient make-up lighting mirror …..


Go to www.designplanonline.net for further details.


Katherine Hepburn was one of the classiest actresses and film starts to grace Hollywood. However, her home away from it
all was here : :



Discover more at www.designplanonline.net

For the complete issue, ISSUE #28, go to http://www.designplanonline.net


As always – comments, critiques, complaints – whatever –










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