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ʇɥıs ʍǝǝʞ’s  posʇ ʍı11 bǝ ınsıdǝ ouʇ….

ʍɥɐʇ doǝs ʇɥɐʇ ɯǝɐn? ʍǝ11, ıɟ ʎou ɔɐn ɹǝɐd ʇɥıs, ʇɥǝn ʎou ɐɹǝ, ɐn ınsıdǝ-ouʇ pǝɹsonɐ….

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To kick off this week, our report from AmyCarter, designIntern extraordinaire…..

Hello! It has been a great week at work. Monday I attended a site visit at the corporate project I am involved in.
We discussed space planning and concept ideas with the client.

Wednesday there was a lunchtime office seminar about Revit. Some important points were discussed, as well,
we were introduced to a website called Bim Store – http://www.bimstore.co.uk/ This website asks manufacturers
to upload their Revit symbols so you are able to insert them into Revit drawings. It is beneficial to the manufactures
because if their Revit symbol is available to use, you will be more likely to spec that product.

Thursday I was invited on a tour around the new Burgess Salmon offices in Bristol. Burgess Salmon is the biggest
law firm outside of London, and have just had a new building specifically designed and fitted for them.
The architecture and interiors are beautiful. A long, sleek reception desk invites you into the space and
directs you to the lift that takes you to floor 5 – the client suite.

This floor looks out over Bristol, it was a sunny day and the views were stunning. This image shows the client suite through the glass hallway.

Each floor is rectangular, with a hole in the center where the library is situated.

A company called Bene designed the fit-out components for this project. Burgess Salmon wanted certain design features, widths, and heights for their office desks
and Bene was able to create this perfectly. This image shows a typical office in Burgess Salmon.

I enjoyed coffee and biscuits in this meeting room. All meeting rooms had an exterior view, as well as sophisticated furniture, and simple design elements
that enhanced the professional atmosphere.

All images were taken from the Bene website. http://bene.com/office-furniture/burges-salmon-llp-bristol/#

So, three weeks into my co-op and already I have experienced and learnt so much. I am excited for what is next!
I am off for a run now, and the sun is shining!! Bonus!!

Enjoy the weekend!


Amy – you are making me unreasonably proud!  Good job – more to come, I’m sure…

: : DesignResources : :

There’s a bunch this week:


The Interactive Touch-Screen WWS-DT101 Discussion Table By Pioneer

It is not just diamonds and gold that commands an expensive price in the luxury world as technology comes a close second! Japanese tech giants,
Pioneer recently unveiled the Discussion Table which is suitable for design conscious workaholics. The WWS-DT101 Discussion Table is
actually an interactive work desk that draws it juice from a Core i7 processor and 6GB of RAM. Running on  Windows 7 OS  and a proprietary
UI called SCHEDA, the table can be paired with laptops, tablets, smart-phones and cameras wirelessly. However the highlight is no doubt
the 52-inch, 1920 × 1080, multitouch glass top which takes the term desk job to a whole new level. Pioneer hasn’t announced a price yet,
but don’t expect it to be cheap.

2)  From

Urban Fire Corp.

103 South Belair Drive

Woodbridge, ON, Canada L4H 2N4

3)  SieMatic – the venerable German kitchen manufacturer….25 years ago I had the pleasure  of dealing with the local

agent in Montreal, James Alexander,  for an outstanding installation of a kitchen which cost, then, $250,000.00.

It is no surprise that SieMatic continues to both define the curve, and manage to stay well ahead of it:

Consider the following recent offerings from their DesignLabs : :

The sleek, handleless SieMatic Grid S2 multimedia cabinet is the newest from the German kitchen company. It has a graphical user interface (GUI) that brings Internet access, iPod dock, DVD, TV and radio entertainment to the kitchen, where most people spend the majority of their time. It also works with integrated appliances equipped for wireless, fingertip control. A cool feature includes the ability to interrupt your TV program or DVD movie to provide progress reports from the oven and washing machine. The future is now, people.

Read more at Design Milk: http://design-milk.com/siematic-s2-multimedia-cabinet/#ixzz1NCtrOG3W

The multimedia center offers space behind the monitor and within a pullout drawer that accommodates its wireless keyboard, air-mouse, remote control, and CDs and DVDs.

Read more at Design Milk: http://design-milk.com/siematic-s2-multimedia-cabinet/#ixzz1NDQDoDVp

: : DesignResources : :

Canopy beds have a rare timeless quality about them and are extremely romantic. The beautiful Pavillion Black Canopy Queen Bed will make quite
a statement and will become the focal point of your bedroom. This high-quality bed is made of solid mahogany and mahogany veneer and has a chic
black lacquer finish. The sophisticated bed will complement both traditional and contemporary homes with its dramatically tapered posts support
canopy rails that lend themselves to romantic draping. The Queen version of the bed measures 65.25″Wx86.75″Dx78.75″H and can be purchased
from Crate And Barrel for $1,099.00.

: : DesignResources : :

The M Windsor Cair – of cast aluminum….outstanding!

From http://www.threecoins.com

: : DesignResources : :

Such a MuchCool chair, don’t you think?


: : DesignResources : :

I dunno – I love lamps – I love the individual COMMENT that a lamp can add to a room – I love the museum kind of
signature that a really neat lamp can ‘bring to the party’….. it’s a weakness of mine – surely, a design failing…
but, OhMyGawd,  some of them are wonderful

Can you possibly, argue with this?

Who amongst us – designers. students – customers/clients….are not fascinated by this classic?

Kelly Hoppen

So – that’s it for this week – somewhat abbreviated…. but, I think, rich in pertinent content…

My apologies if, ‘Less is more’ this week…. it’s been busy, what with deciding to list our

waterfront paradise for sale……www.613perrot.com. We have nurtured, and cherished this
unique habitat for the last 8 years. Time has come, to move to less demanding rigors of upkeep
and maintenance.

As always, comments@designplanonline.net



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