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: : DesignAwards : :

The Red Dot Award –

The red dot design award is a large and coveted international product design prize awarded by the Design in Essen, Germany.
The aim of the prize is to honor outstanding design quality and trendsetters. Since 1955, designers  and producers can apply for
the prizes with the winners being presented in an annual ceremony.
Winning products are presented in the red dot design museum on the premises of the Zollverein World Cultural Heritage  site in Essen.

One recent award winner was Haworth for their outstanding new flatscreen monitor arm: The Flo Monitor Arm

designed by a Haworth subsidiary, Colebrook, Bosson, Saunders.

It also won a Silver award at NeoCon

: : DesignStuff : :

If Bob Marley were to design a really cool speaker system today, for an iPod, might it look like this?

Available in the retail channel in August, this photo has been released by the
Marley One Foundation [http://www.thehouseofmarley.com/] it will sell for $499.00

Moshi Moonrock Earbuds : :

The Moshi earbuds are packaged in a fantastic case — a “moonrock”-like pod with nooks in which the
earbuds fit nice and snug. The cord wraps around the edge until into have a neat package. No more tangles.

What is most important in using  earbuds is that they stay in place.
They have a good sound-cancelling capability so that nothing extraneous filters through.
The overall  sound quality is also really good.

Priced at $39.95 they are available in black or white.


: : DesignTime : :

The Silent Alarm Clock

A Silent Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks usually jolt us awake leading us to reach for the almighty snooze button.
Silence is a conceptual alarm clock that allows you to program multiple alarms and wakes you without any sound.
Each person wears a wireless rubber ring with an integrated vibration device that generates a tactile alarm.
The snooze function is engaged by shaking your hand.
However, each successive time you want to snooze, more movement is required, making sure you get to work on time.

Designed by:
Johan Brengesjo

: : DesignPlanFashion : :

To me, they look like they’d be painful……however, I suppose, if one is a slave to fashion
a little pain is a small price to pay…..

These stilettos, designed and created by Finn Stone, are available through the Byard Art Gallery,

Byard Art Gallery
14 King’s Parade
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1223 464646

: : DesignResources : :

A new light, called Disque, by Marc Th van der Voorn

Two translucent bowl-shaped discs are tied together with nothing more than a 65 meter long thin string.
The construction is screwless! The string is beautifully wrapped around, giving the Disque it’s modest look.
After one year of research the Disque is now ready for production.

Dimentions: ø 60 x 12 cm
Material: String (65 meter), stainless steel, Acrylate

Year: 2011


The Paddle  : :
designed by Benjamin Hubert

The paddle LED lamp is designed by Benjamin Hubert for lightening manufacturer “Fabbian” based in Italy.
Benjamin Hubert is born in United Kingdom in 1984. He studied Industrial Design and Technology at
Loughborough University and graduated in 2006. Not long after at 2007 the design studio
Benjamin Hubert is established. The Paddle lamp is using led lights to bring light to workspace.
This is very environment friendly and is cost effective.

The design and the shape of the lamp was inspired by the canoe blade moving through the water.
The Paddle lamp is constructed by three main parts, base, connecting arm and paddle head.
Between them are two rotating balls that helps the movement of the parts on 360 degrease.
The lamp comes in two variants – one is lacquered aluminum and the other is ash timber.
The colors can match any home interior and help to create great modernistic look.
The lamp is controlled by touch panel.

: : Desforma : :

Desforma furniture is aimed at those creating the exceptional, modern and elegant design for private and public applications:
homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, bars or nightclubs.
This is unique furniture radically different from the traditional mass produced offerings.
A line like a  wave, engulfing the amazing forms, creates a lasting impression. Aesthetically appealing, promising a
cosy and warm environment, Desforma  furniture pieces are  comfortable, durable and intriguing of form.

The framework of these unique spherical pieces of  structured furniture is made of pure wood without using polyurethane mass.
Therefore the furniture is especially stable and durable. When using such furniture, convex shapes
harmonizes with the contours of your body, ensuring leisure and full comfort.

Desforma has a wide range of styles – however, the one that really caught my eye – maybe because it looks
like an inviting, comfortable slipper, is the Gravity : :

Boston Enterprise Centre, Enterprise
Way, Endeavour Park, Boston, PE21 7TW, United Kingdom.
All inquires  tel. +(44) 7846 595974,
email: salesdesforma@gmail.com

: : DesignPlanArchitecture : :

Prentiss Architects, Seattle, Oregon, have recently completed a gem of a building – a weaving studio + gallery…..

This project is located on a steep rocky waterfront parcel on the west shore of San Juan Island.
An existing house was already on the accessible location; the only remaining spot for the Studio
was on a rocky shelf above and behind the residence.

The client, a professional weaver, and her husband are preparing to move to San Juan Island once the husband retires.
Their request was for studio space in which she could have all her weaving tools in one facility:
her looms, her dying facilities, the sewing and assembly area and an office.
She would use this space for her craft but also to hold weaving guild meetings and display her work.
In addition to the programmatic requirements of the studio they wanted to have an overflow bedroom for guests.

The solution is a generous main studio space flowing with natural light that provides ample display space while
maintaining incremental views of the sound. Off of this space the auxiliary spaces have been defined by the folding
back of the exterior shell: to one end a bath and office, to the other a “wet room”. The wet room could be closed off and
opened to the exterior in order to allow fumes from dying and drying to not permeate the rest of the studio.
Two additional spaces, the sewing room and a guest bedroom appear as an extrusion of the main
studio space set into the hill at the back of the studio. A series of sliding panels intended as display panels
for weaving projects hide or reveal access to the back rooms and storage cabinets.

Project Name: Weaving Studio
Project Location: San Juan Island, Washington
Project Size: 1,250 sq.ft.
Completed: 2010

Architectural Firm: Prentiss Architects
Principal in Charge: Geoff Prentiss
Project Designer: Kozo Nozawa
Structural Engineer: Todd Perbix, Perbix Bykonen
Builder: Lowe Construction
Photographers: Last four photos by Jay Goodrich, all others by Prentiss Architects

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: : DesignGuest contribution: :

Carol Ruth Weber has graciously agreed to allow the reprint of a recent article about flooring.
It is reproduced here in its entirety.

From her web-site ……

Carol Ruth Weber is a single Mom with a teenage daughter living a hectic life in Long Island, NY.
Carol began her career as a Theatrical Costume and Set Designer and segued into the world of Interior Design.
Along the way Carol honed her skills as both an Interior Designer and Personal Assistant.
As a Personal Life Designer, Carol has been taken into service by individuals and businesses.
She assists clients with the daily battles to find enough time in every day to do all that is needed to do in
order to enjoy their life and to be happy with their surroundings. Carol can be contacted at weberlifedesign.com.

Everyone is aware of the most obvious choices in flooring: Tile, Laminate, Wood, and Carpet.
It takes time and effort to explore all your flooring options. In this part one,
of a four part article on flooring choices, we will look at the different types of floor tile.

When asked what type of tile you want, it is easy to  become flustered. You never knew that there are so many
different types of tile or carpet out there. How do you choose what pattern you would like your wood or tile to be?
What are the best products and materials for you? What will work within your budget? What cleans and wears well?
You never realized how many decisions you would have to make just for the flooring. It takes a lot more than knowing
what looks pretty when choosing your furnishings for your abode. You need to be informed about your investments.

Let us look at the different types of tile and the benefits and/ or deficits each one will provide.

When thinking about tile the first type you think of is probably ceramic, which is commonly used in Bathrooms and Kitchens.
Ceramic tiles are available in different grades specified for durability and practicality, residential vs. commercial.
Glazed tiles are smooth, and therefore, slippery. Glazed tile should not be used on wet floors such as bathrooms.
Unglazed tiles are rough and porous. These are not slippery and would be better for the Bath Floor.

Porcelain is another type of tile commonly used. It is similar to ceramic but much harder. It has a tough finish and is very dense.
You will notice that the color runs through the tile and is not just baked on the top.
Porcelain is very durable and versatile so it works well in all spaces including Bathrooms and high traffic areas.
You can extend your Kitchen floor onto your terrace since porcelain tile can be used outdoors as well.

Saltillo tile and terra-cotta tile are both natural tiles and are very porous. They are usually unglazed so they will need
to be sealed and polished to keep them durable. These tiles will need upkeep. It is recommended that they be resealed once a year.
If not sealed they will start to crumble. These tiles only come in their natural color, orange or coral.

Natural stone is another tile option. These can be costly. One advantage is if they chip or crack they can be repaired by sanding and buffing.

Granite is the hardest stone. It is mined from the inner earth’s core.

Marble comes from the seabed and is softer than granite. There are different grades of marble, depending on the veining, thickness,
and color of the stone. Price will depend on the grade. Marble stains easily so should not be used in areas like Kitchens.

Granite and marble both need to be installed with grout.

Travertine and Limestone are similar to marble. They come in natural, muted colors and usually in a matte finish.
These tiles can be installed with or without grout lines. Like marble these will stain easily. Any acidy food will cause surface damage.

Most people think that vinyl and linoleum tiles are the same. These tiles are very different.

Vinyl tiles are a man made product with the color and patterns printed on the surface.
They are made from petroleum and sealed with a urethane coating and work well in all areas.
They are very good for budget projects because of their low cost and easy installation (they can be cut with a utility knife).
These do not need to be installed with grout and they can even be purchased with adhesive backing for a peel and stick installation.
Vinyl tiles are very durable.

Linoleum looks similar to vinyl and is also very durable.  Unlike vinyl tile, linoleum is a natural product.
The colors and patterns are embedded into the tile and there is no sealant. These tiles tend to fade more quickly.
Linoleum will not work as well as vinyl is areas where moisture is a problem.

In addition there are tiles for the environmentally minded. Glass, wood, and grass tiles are good options.

Glass tiles are made from recycled glass. These are eco-friendly meaning that it is made from items that
previously always ended up as landfill. These are available in many different colors.
They are often used as accents tiles for borders, patterns, and mosaic designs.

Cork and bamboo tiles are eco-friendly because they are considered sustainable. This means that
cork wood and bamboo grass can be harvested without exploitation because of their rapid regeneration abilities.
Their ecological area will retain balance without destruction. Cork wood comes from the outer bark of the cork
oak tree and is harvested once every 9 years so new bark will grow. Trees are never damaged or killed.
It is recycled with adhesives mixed in with the wood to give it a harder surface.
Bamboo is naturally hard and extremely durable. Cork and bamboo can be installed as interlocking tiles or by using adhesive.

See you in the next chapter “Flooring for Your Abode, Part Two: Laminate and Wood”

Until then, never be afraid to dance!


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: : DesignJobs : :

Interesting and intriguing employment opportunities : :

Art Director – Moscow Ballet

Job Details

Company: Moscow Ballet
Location: US  – Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Job Level: Mid-Level Staff
Field: Advertising
Job Functions: Art Direction, Design, Motion Graphics, Project Management


Moscow Ballet needs a motivated and dynamic designer for print and online graphics.
The qualified candidate will be well versed in industry best practices, with a professional knowledge
of Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash). Video editing ability is a major plus.

Create advertising for print. Online advertising will include Flash and static banner deployment
on various ad networks. Professional level ActionScript is a major plus.

Moscow Ballet self publishes books and manufactures consumer product. Thorough understanding
of the principles of package design and corporate branding a must.

This is a demanding position that requires immediate turn around on time sensitive projects.
Some elements of online community management will be required (Facebook marketing, website community maintenance)

Specific Skills

– Working knowledge of Creative Suite
– Working knowledge of professional video editing software
– Deep understanding of traditional design concepts including typography, color theory and 2d spatial relationships.
-Mac and PC proficient.
– Social Network marketing experience

Apply Via Email


Other Ways To Apply

Call or email: 

Dan Talmi

•    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •     •     •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •

Industrial Designer
Melbourne, Australia

Job Details

Company: Zenith Interiors
Location: Australia  – Melbourne
Job Level: Mid-Level Staff
Field: Industrial Design
Job Functions: 3D Modeling & CAD, Design, Product Development


This is a fantastic opportunity for a world class Industrial Designer to join our dynamic R&D team
working for a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of highly differentiated workstations and
other commercial furniture products.

The company:
Zenith Interiors is a market leading commercial furniture company with showrooms in Melbourne,
Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland and Wellington, as well as our own manufacturing
facility in Sandringham. Zenith values quality design and innovation – a large percentage of our customer
base is made up of designers and architects, meaning that product quality and aesthetics drive our sales!

The team:
An enthusiastic, rapidly growing team of internationally accomplished designers and engineers,
designing mainly, but not exclusively, world class office furniture.

The position:
You’ll be responsible for the design, development and management of innovative, category leading products.
You’ll also have the opportunity for aesthetic and functional input to other projects running in the R&D studio.
You’ll have the chance to present your work to internal project stakeholders, as well as external clients.
Based at our Sandringham site and reporting directly to the manager of R&D, this is an exciting opportunity,
with the potential to have a big impact on a large, and growing, company.

Specific Skills

Energetic, creative and innovative, with passion and drive for quality design, you’ll possess these attributes:
• A degree in Industrial Design or a related field
• Proven aesthetic design ability
• At least 7 years post graduate design experience
• Experience in the furniture industry preferred, but not mandatory
• Excellent communication skills – written, verbal, and visual
• Comfortable presenting to a wide range of audiences
• Experience designing in 3D CAD (Solidedge preferable)
• Ability to create high quality computer generated renders from CAD models
• Experience in building functional prototypes
• Ability to schedule, organise, and prioritise
• Design communication ability, ensuring product design intent is transferred effectively to manufacturing
• A portfolio that shows a history of innovative concepts and quality aesthetic design

•    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •     •     •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •
Senior Interior Designer/Architect
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Job Details

Company: DAY
Location: Netherlands  – Amsterdam
Job Level: Senior Staff
Field: Interior Design
Job Functions: Architect, Design


A cross between management consultancy, brand consultancy, communications agency and design bureau,
DAY services international companies and markets, including Nike, Bugaboo, Carhartt, Ziggo and the Van Gogh Museum.
Current projects include a 17000 pax concert facility, experience stores and a collection of post-stamps.

DAY is established in Amsterdam, with full service offices in Dubai and a service desk in New York.
From Dubai, DAY services a range of local brands such as The Dubai Mall, DAL Group and Masafi. DAY won five
Red Dot Awards in the past 18 months, one with Excellence, one Best of the Best.

Our Amsterdam team is looking for:
An experienced interior designer/architect with strong conceptual skills.
A talented storyteller that can turn any briefing into poetry, without loosing sight of the practical aspects.
Create the big picture, love the details….

Together with the Creative Partner of DAY you lay the groundwork for new projects.
You are therefore a key player within the team and will be responsible to lead the team and project from briefing to construction.

Define creative strategy within projects
Create concepts and designs for interior projects
Inspire the creative team and lead the team
Ensure that projects meet the client’s expectations
Prepare and giving presentation to clients
Willing to work in our Dubai office from time to time, for shorter periods of time.

Please send your digital portfolio which shows relevant cases to info@day.nu
Indicate in the portfolio your process of design from concept to result by thinking,
sketching, references up to the finished design.

Specific Skills


Degree and experience in interior architecture design
6-10 years of relevant experience in interior design
Strong understanding of the creative process
Concept developing experience and ability to visualize the idea
Strong knowledge of brand related interiors
Public interiors and retail spaces in your portfolio are a plus
Experience in art direction and leading a team
Ability to work autonomously and in team
Find your way in a Apple environment
Vectorworks, sketch-up, sketching, Illustrator are preferred
Fluent in English
Based in The Netherlands

Apply Via Email

•    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •     •     •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •

2 Responses to “4 – 1 : : DesignPlan : :”
  1. Jon Stark says:

    Very much enjoyed the Weaving Studio in the San Juan Islands, WA. Love the sod roof and passive heating and cooling features, a beautiful setting and simplistic lines, and all that warm wood!

  2. sylvie p says:

    love the alarm clock..and as i was reading about the snoose i was thinking..its to easy to shake it off !!..but it s been taken care off since you have to shake harder !! cool thing..
    love also the ipod speakers..might get myself one..love the look !!

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