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Barbara D’Arcy – Interior Designer extraordinaire…..

Bloomingdale’s Book of Home Decorating
ISBN – 0 – 06-010948-3

When I first discovered her work, as a very young designer in Toronto, it was in an American interior design/decorating
magazine (referred to as shelter mags).
I recall this fabulous room called the CAVE Room – the floor was intricate pieces of mirror, the table appeared to levitate
with light from within – the walls were soft sumptuous curves of white plaster….it was stunning! I immediately
called the magazine offices in New York – innocently unaware of the fact that the piece and the photography had actually
been done months prior to actual publication – demanding to know all the details of this work. It took a few moments for
the kind lady to explain to me that it was probably months old and she couldn’t remember the facts about it.
But, after some further conversation, she suggested it was work by Barbara D’Arcy, with Bloomingdales. It was stunning revelation to me
……within a month I had arranged to fly to New York – to visit – no, to haunt the furniture floor (5th floor as I recall)
soaking up the numerous model rooms on display. Barbara and her team would create a series of masterpieces 3 or 4 times a year
– usually at the beginning of each season. I returned many times over the years.

The main thing about this book though, is that it just not a book of exciting pictures – she writes on all aspects of each room –
for example, a fabulous room on page 46-47……walls covered in embossed leather, big heavy ceiling beams –
studded wooden shutter on the windows…..a leather bellows beside the fireplace, gorgeous silk/linen blend in the fabric on the sofas.

She tells us, ‘The very grandeur of this room will give you some hint that it was based on a room in the Palazzo Davanzati in Florence.
It embodies a little bit of almost everything we have talked about in architectural changes.
Everything about it is authentic from from the design of the furniture to all the architectural details.
The beams are real, the fireplace is an exact replica (although scaled down) of the original in the museum.’
The narrative continues providing a wealth of valuable design information.

This book is a Master Class, completely unique, in interior design and interior decorating.
And it is where I learned that the two abilities, skills and passions must be completely intertwined,
if one seriously wants to do the very best interior design they can.

She deals with topics as diverse as window coverings, floor coverings, architectural interpretation, detailing,
accessories – on and on. In Chapter 25, (How Does Bloomingdale’s Do It?) the first paragraph states:

‘For years now Bloomingdale’s model rooms have served as a showcase for furniture and accessories from
all over the world. But unless you are involved in the department store business, you might not realise the
tremendous amount of time and effort that goes into these rooms. We’ve done a staggering amount of
research in this country and all around the world. We have gone to provincial museums, combed old bookstores,
libraries and archives, searched through antique shops, explored remote hamlets and generally steeped ourselves
in the background material necessary to make and create a selection of furniture, fabrics, rugs and accessories……………
Thus was born our furniture import program. To launch it took an enormous amount of time and travel.
We would research and research before we made any choices. Once we had decided on a piece of furniture,
we had it precisely reproduced with only minor changes of detail or scale…..’

Awesome – attention to detail! God is in the – whaaat? Who said that? Isn’t it truly, so true?

Find the book – study the book – but only if you care about interior design and the journey
of obligation it requires to become knowledgeable and well-informed.

: : DesignTrek : :

‘This is your concierge checking with you. The following arrangements have been made
regarding your journey from Venice to Livorno, Italy.

Your passage on Costa Cruises ‘Victoria’ will depart Venezia tomorrow afternoon with
its first port of call in Dubrovnik. Corfu, Malta and Naples will follow with your
disembarkation in Genoa 5 days from tomorrow.

A limousine will meet you at the port in Genoa to take you to Livorno and the shipyard
of Perini Navi.

You will be met by the Managing Director, M. Antonini who will arrange your
transfer to the yacht .

Bon voyage and, ‘Ciao’.’

Did you listen to that message?

Gosh! You didn’t tell me we were leaving so soon. And on a cruise yet. Dubrovnik!
Have you been there before? You have? What’s it like? Wait – don’t tell me – I’m
going to do some research on my own. And then Corfu, and Malta……all very



But most exciting, what’s this about a yacht?  Are we renting a yacht? Where are
we going to go? Have you ever sailed a yacht before? You have? Amazing what I’ve
yet to discover about you.

I see – we’ll have a crew, actually…..and so, the captain will sail the yacht.
How big is this yacht?


How big?

184 feet long? My Gawd! That’s a football field – almost…..

Do you have pictures? Show me – show me…..please?


OhMyGod!!! She’s beautiful!

What’s she called?

Salute! How appropriate….

But – why are we going on this, this beauty?

Just beautiful…..

You’re going to do what?

Is that what you do? Your work, I mean….is that what you do?

Yes – I know you’re involved in design – but this!

You mean you design yachts and stuff?

What do you mean, sortof…..

Tell me – tell me….

It’s fantastic…..really – just fantastic.
Yes – I know you’ve worked in marine design – cruise ships and stuff…. but this – this is different.
You mean this might be your project? You’re kidding me…… tell me more….

…and so that’s why we;re taking a cruise to Genoa? You have to meet who?

I see – at the Perini Navi shipyards……this is for sale? How much?
Like, it would matter…..

Eighteen million dollars? Phew – least it isn’t Euros…..

And your client is seriously thinking about buying this?

And so, what is that you have to do? I mean – it looks perfect to me….

He doesn’t like the way it looks, you’re saying? What does he want to change?

Everything? No – can’t be everything…..I see. He likes traditional, and this is, too modern for him.
So – what’s involved in such a project? How long would that take?

How long? Six months? Will you be there the whole time? Really?

It’s called a ‘re-vitalisation’, you say……in a drydock……what’s a drydock? Will you explain all
that to me?

Do you need an assistant? I’m pretty handy, you know…..

Oh – you already have an assistant. I see….. so, like – what happens after you meet your client next week?
And, if he makes a deal? You’ll start right away?

What do I do? I see….. can we, like talk about that?

Yeah – I understand – okay….next week -after all your meetings, yes – we’ll talk about it….

But wow! This is fabulous……


: : DesignFile : :

Foster & Partners   [www.fosterandpartners.com]

London City Hall : :

Reichstag – German Parliament : :

Foster and partners is an amazing architectural practise based in london, UK.
They have offices world-wide at this juncture….

Although many of their assignments are mega-projects, a recent one, in Morocco –
is refreshingly innovative – responsive to the culture, sensitive to the environment
and contextually in tune with the norms of life in that part of the world.

Islamic architecture – its  designs, its patterns – its intimate understanding of
geometry – has fascinated me for years. The adoption of simple, and yet complex
forms – the rhythms which emanate and flow from such purities – is both
stimulating, calming and, again – refreshing.  Like, bubbly water when you inhale….

The following are shots of a bank that Foster & Partners designed and developed….

The ‘skin’ is 4″ thick stainless steel  – developed so that it does not amplify
the heat of the sun…..by using a low-iron composition.

The BMCE (Banque Marocaine du Commerce Exterieur) has opened in Casablanca and Rabat….additional
branches are to follow shortly.

The overall design is intended to capture and resonate traditional elements of Moroccan design, and
yet to provide a clean, contemporary feel to the enclosed interior spaces. Really, to my eye – it looks and feels
like an envelope……

: : DesignAwards : :

The latest release of the NCR SelfServ Checkout solution has won a GOOD DESIGN Award
for product design excellence in the Electronics category.

GOOD DESIGN is an annual competition, recognizing the most innovative designs from manufacturers
and industrial and graphic design firms from around the world. The awards are conferred by
The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for
Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. More than 500 awards were given by a New York
jury to those designers and manufacturers deemed to stand-out as visionaries and innovation leaders.

The NCR SelfServ Checkout solution allows customers to easily scan, bag and pay for their items.
Animated demonstrations and video and lighting cues guide the user through the process.

According to NCR Research, self-checkout cuts checkout wait time by as much as 40 percent.

“Innovation that enhances the usability, design and ultimate consumer experience of our
self-service solutions is a critical strategic priority for NCR,” said Lyle Sandler, vice president,
design and consumer experience, NCR Corporation.

“This prestigious award recognizing the innovative design of NCR self-checkout is just one example
of how technology can influence an industry, transforming the way people shop and conduct transactions worldwide.”

: : DesignChallenge : :

et, PHOOEY!….. Yes – Phooey!

No one got it – the contest answer that is……

with just a smidgen of research, one could have determined that the common
factor between all the Apple products shown last week, was that they were all
designed by the indusrtial design whiz kid, Jonathan Ive.

Jonathan has spearheaded the technical innovation at Apple ever since Steve Jobs
returned…..in fact, Steve Jobs hand-picked Jonathan from within the core of Apple’s
Technical Design Group.

The result has been the iPod, the iMac…the iPhone, iPad and numerous other
cutting-edge design innovations.

It would appear, that the contests are far too difficult……we will continue to
lower the bar, until we achieve some ‘critical mass’…..

So – this week’s contest is – who can guess what this is?


C’mon now – we really do have to find a home for these t-shirts……

: : DesignIntent : :


BTW – thought it might be enlightening to take a few moments and review a few of the
principles and convictions that have helped catapult Apple/MAC to their current
leadership : :

From his book, ’12 Rules to Success’, Steve Jobs lists the following :

1. Do what you love to do. Find your true passion. Make a difference.
The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

2. Be different. Think different. Better to be a pirate than to join the navy.

3. Do your best at every job. Don’t sleep! Success generates more success so be
hungry for it. Hire good people with a passion for excellence.

4. Perform SWOT analysis. As soon as you join/start a company, make a list of strengths and
weaknesses of yourself and your company on a piece of paper. Don’t hesitate to throw bad apples
out of the company.

5. Be entrepreneurial. Look for the next big thing. Find a set of ideas that need to be
acted upon quickly and decisively and jump through that window. Sometimes the first step
is the hardest one. Just take it. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

6. Start small, think big. Don’t worry about too many things at once.
Take a handful of simple things to begin with, and then progress to more complex ones.
Think about not just tomorrow, but the future. Put a ding in the universe.

7. Strive to become a market leader. Own and control the primary technology in everything you do.
If there’s a better technology available, use it regardless of whether or not anyone else is using it.
Be the first, and make it an industry standard.

8. People judge you by your performance, so focus on the outcome. Be a yardstick of quality.
Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. Advertise.
If they don’t know about it, they won’t buy your product. Pay attention to design.
We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.
Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

9. Ask for feedback from people with diverse backgrounds. Each one will tell you one useful thing.
If you’re at the top of the chain, sometimes people won’t give you honest feedback because they’re afraid.
In this case, disguise yourself, or get feedback from other sources.
Focus on those who will use your product – listen to your customers first.

10. Innovate. Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.
Delegate. Let other top executives do 50% of your routine work to be able to spend 50% your time on the new stuff.
Say no to 1,000 things to make sure you don’t get on the wrong track or try to do too much.
Concentrate on really important creations and radical innovation.
Hire people who want to make the best things in the world. You need a very product-oriented culture,
even in a technology company. Lots of companies have tons of great engineers and smart people.
But ultimately, there needs to be some gravitational force that pulls it all together.

11. Learn from failures. Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes.
It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

and, from IDEO – that great industrial design thinktank – borrow from their playbook –
‘Fail often to succeed quicker….’

For whatever it’s worth, the following are the Apple Design Principles:

• Love beauty and be passionately committed to it.

• Create products that look, act and feel like no one else. And own that positioning.

• Be relentless in perfecting the ideal.

• Analyze what’s possible in the world of technology and design — and think through how to exceed that proposition.

• Consider the trends of framing what’s emerging — and be there, in front.

• Simple can look simple, but be complex to get there. Start at the heart of the question
and build in the series of layers, to the most beautiful resolution.

• To lead, it’s a matter of being in front — by far and away the riskiest place to be.
To be there, you’ll be risking everything that you stand for.

• Design strategy is how it works.

• Know who you’re designing for.

• Only the best. All ways.

• Failure is the best way to learn.

• Nothing stops. Ever. Everything is changing, all the time. The path to perfection is lonely, fraught with peril
— the idea will be about unceasing addiction to making everything better. As a designer, it’s the place to be.

: : DesignResources : :

From Darling (www.mynewdarling.com) we have, this week : :

It’s a Jeckyll/Hyde kinda wonder…..

A contemporary bathroom range can be expected to offer comfort, relaxation and recreation.
The Darling New bathtubs offer attractive and effective wellness and are available with welcoming
wood panelling and acrylic panel. The stylish and delicate edge is visible from the side.
Seen from above, the bathtub’s 115 mm rim provides a comfortable seat.
As an option, a soft, white, atmospheric LED light shimmers below the all-round rim.
The optional headrest also promises optimum relaxation.
A total of 12 different variants are available, as well as panelling, a bathtub support and a headrest.

And, although this bathtub, really oooooozes a sense of luxurious indulgence, this….

…takes it over the top.

A different kind of ‘pool’…..of course –

Para mi …. when I’ve won the lottery, this will be a must : :

Picture this : :


Vibrant, rich and glossy colors

Perfectly flat glass surface

The “HD-TV look but for photos”

Because the entire frame is printed digitally, there are potentially limitless ways you can make your Fracture unique

While we offer a variety of border options toadd depth and flavor to your photos, keep your eyes open for an ever-growing list of options in the future

Safer than an ordinary glass frame and more shatter-proof

No sharp edges

No need to go to multiple stores to print, frame and hang your photos – a Fracture is the economical one step solution.

When you buy a Fracture, you don’t need anything else – not even screws to mount it with.

Arrives ready to be mounted with everything you need

Images won’t fade 

Money back life-time guarantee against fading or breaking (which never happen)

Because the print is actually on the backside of the glass, it is never vulnerable to scratching so you can windex as much as you like

: : DesignWork : :

Starting this week, we will be posting select job opportunities across a broad spectrum
of practise disciplines – interiors, architecture, graphics, etc.

A few of current openings are:

Job Details

Location: Hong Kong  – Hong Kong
Job Level: Mid-Level Staff
Field: Interior Design
Job Functions: 3D Modeling & CAD, Architect, Design, Design Management, Product Development, Project Management


Poca Design Group is an Experiential Design House based out of Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Active in the world’s most exciting markets, we continually challenge the norms of contemporary
design achieving unparalleled experiences across Asia.

Currently we’re looking for an experienced interior designer that is a talented story teller who can
turn any briefing into poetry while being mindful of the practicalities of implementation.


• Design and render the most leading-edge restaurants, hotels, resi-dential, yacht and jet interior
• Working and traveling throughout Asia as needed

Specific Skills

Key Skills Required:

• Excellent 3D skills are required (i.e. Sketch-up and Cinema 4D or 3D Studio Max)
• Additional Technology skills required:
– Rhino, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator
• 3-5+ years of sound experience in Interior Design
• A great sense of space and meticulous attention to detail
• Strong experiences in branded interiors a plus
• Experience in Architectural & Product Design is favorable
• Fluency in English & Chinese is a plus

Apply Via Email

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Job Details

Company: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Location: US  – New York, New York
Job Level: Mid-Level Staff
Field: Interior Design
Job Functions: Design


Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is seeking a Quilt Designer to join our Product Design Team.
We are looking for a creative individual who will bring tremendous dedication, creativity and passion to our company.
Under the guidance of the Deputy Design Director, the candidate will design and develop innovative Quilts,
Decorative Pillows, and Kitchen Textiles. This individual will translate trends into concepts that respond to
business needs, and initiate and develop through CAD and colorways. In addition, they will provide production
support for the textile design department throughout various stages of product development, and create technical
packets for manufacturers. The qualified candidate should have great attention to detail, and possess the ability
to shape a project from conception to completion. This individual should excel at working both independently as
well as in a collaborative team environment.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
-Maintain a strong sense of Martha Stewart Living design aesthetic throughout the design of all merchandise.
Stay aware of MSL editorial and TV content and ideas through appropriate channels. Use editorial inspiration
to leverage into viable products where appropriate.

-Contribute to inspiration, design and development of Quilt, Decorative Pillows and Kitchen textiles as
directed by Deputy Design Director.

-Create colorways and create textile repeats using CAD. Initiate additional design suggestions and follow
up on development of product throughout the design process.

-Work directly with manager on product objectives, and liaison with Soft Home designers for design direction.

-Create thematic concept boards, initiate and direct original design concepts according to merchandise plans
and schedules including: rendering textile repeats and colorways, compiling references and providing samples,
where applicable.

-Build a strong relationship with merchant counterpart by developing strong understanding of business;
industry trends and bestseller factors and specific product cost factors. Stay abreast of retail landscape for
trend and product opportunities. Liaison with merchant team in identifying product opportunities to influence
merchandise assortment plans. Partner with merchants on sourcing appraisals and recommendations.

-Transfer all necessary design specifications to vendors, buyers and product managers. Manage direct
communication regarding specific product development with vendors up to final sample approval.
Keep product managers and merchants updated in all communications. Consult with merchants prior
to sensitive vendor communications if cost, lead-time or minimum implications exist.

Specific Skills

-Bachelors Degree in Textile Design
-At least 2-3 years experience working in PointCarre or related printed textile CAD software,
along with experience in Photoshop and Illustrator
-Design knowledge and experience in Quilts essential
-Strong repeat and technical knowledge
-Excellent color sense and color matching skills
-Aesthetically keen eye for high end design
-Highly organized

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Job Details

Company: 10Red Design
Location: US  – Skaneateles, New York
Job Level: Senior Staff
Field: Interior Design
Job Functions: 3D Modeling & CAD, Art Direction, Branding & Corporate Identity, Creative Direction, Design,
Design Management, Engineering, Event Design, Illustration, Model Making & Prototyping,
Packaging, Project Management


10Red Design is a retail design consultancy dedicated to the deep understanding of what makes
shoppers tick. Specifically, we’re talking about understanding the difference between consumer
mindsets and shopper behavior.

Think of it as a blend of behavioral science and retail design – we develop retail strategies that
reshape shopper experiences, and we’re looking for designers who have a passion for understanding
the ‘why’ in an effort to design the ‘how’. We are currently looking for strategic thinkers to help
build upon our multidisciplinary team of graphic designers, 3D designers, copywriters,
researchers and strategists. We work exclusively with CPG companies on projects that span
across all shopper touch-points within retail: retail design, category design, merchandising,
product and packaging.

We are an entrepreneurial subsidiary of ChaseDesign, a world class independent design
firm established more than 40 years ago with 90+ employees. While we love our work, we also
love our lives and families. We’re located in the enchanting village of Skaneateles, a tourist town
on one of the beautiful Finger Lakes in Central New York State. Why Central New York?
Because we believe a healthy lifestyle breeds a healthy work environment.

We are currently looking to add a Senior 3D Designer to our growing team. This person needs to
be both a designer and a thinker, with a relentless curiosity for understanding shoppers.
If you spend just as much time analyzing retail environments as you do shopping them,
then we’re looking for you. This position will collaborate and help lead a team
of multidisciplinary designers to create exciting and innovative retail solutions for our clients.

Specific Skills

Quickly articulate (hand sketch) conceptual ideas to peers and be able to refine into
highly compelling finished visuals for client presentation
Experience designing immersive experiences: retail environments, exhibits,
public spaces, all the way down to component level design
Ability to participate, observe, and analyze research in an effort to distill findings
into actionable insights
An understanding of the shopping process and retail operations, with the ability to
satisfy these with impactful design solution
Regular interface with clients and vendors to maintain design intent and project integrity

Apply Via Email

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Job Details

Company: Penske Racing
Location: US  – Mooresville, North Carolina
Job Level: Mid-Level Staff
Field: Graphic Design
Job Functions: Design, Marketing, Product Development


Penske Racing, a competitive leader in NASCAR and IndyCar, is seeking a Graphics and Digital Coordinator.
The Graphics and Digital Coordinator will be responsible for developing artwork and creative presentations
for current and potential sponsors, including car graphics, promotional/creative ideation, presentation templates,
and licensing goods. This position will also support the licensing team in development of annual paint schemes and
ancillary items and managing the artwork process including its application to the Penske Racing store.
In addition, the Graphics and Digital coordinator will be responsible for supporting Penske Racing’s social networking and digital programs.

Applicants must have between 2 and 5 years of related experience and a Bachelors degree in graphic
design or a related field. Additionally, successful candidates will be team oriented, have strong
communication skills and be able to work quickly and efficiently in order to meet deadlines.
Applicants must also have the ability to generate and evaluate original ideas.

This position does not offer any relocation assistance.

For consideration, applicants must forward their resume and salary history.
Only inquiries submitting the required documents will receive consideration. EOE

Apply Via Email

: : DesignPlan News : :

Well – we made it to the 90 day mark…..conventionally, when one is newly employed,
the probation period is 90 days….how are we doing?

Do we get to become, ‘permanent’ now?

With benefits?

Well -here’s what we’re going to do – starting next week, a new component of DesignPlan
will be initiated……interviews.

Local interviews, for now. With designers, manufacturers – educators, students…
we will draw from those we know in Montréal and Ottawa – then Toronto .
In fact, I hope to do an interview soon with colleagues who are specialists in the
ship-building design world.

A trusted and true friend and colleague, Patti Hayes – who has just accepted the position
as Vice-President Design with Digiuseppe Design/Architecture as they seek to expand
their professional activities within the cruise ship industry…..it will be an interesting

But, next week – closer to home, we will visit with Robert Martin of the Martin family….
that own and operate Décor Inc in Montréal….. a virtual institution within the retail
furniture world of Montréal.

Robert has a  career’s worth of insights and ideas about the home furnishings
world — what’s hot – what’s likely to become hot, etc.

I hope you’ll join us in all the future issues as DesignPlan continues to grow and
expand beyond it’s simple boundaries of today….

Michael Moore


2 Responses to “3 – 4 : : DesignPlan : :”
  1. I just found your website through linked in. I could spend all day here, but I need to get back to my desk to get ready for High Point next week. Are you going? Come by and visit our blog and online store.

    • designplan says:

      Hi Liz

      Thank you SO much for your kind words….I’m really happy you like it. I won’t be going to HighPoint – really wish I was – probably next year, if for no other reason than I’d like to ‘report’ on it…..BTW – if you come across anything outstandingly wonderful, please feel free to send it on to me – I’ll post it with credit to you of course…..that’s one of the things that makes a blog so exciting – the give and take, back and forth – you find something today, John finds something tomorrow…..we share. Thanks again


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