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The future, as we don’t know it, will surely come in a variety of shapes,
characteristics and styles.

As designers, of all ilks, we like to believe we have perhaps a better connection to the future, insofar as
industrial designers, architectural designers – interior designers, we are charged with the implied
responsibility to envision the future, and display it in the present……

Certainly, visionaries of the past (Buckminster Fuller, Raymond Loewy, Frank Lloyd Wright, le Corbusier
and many others) have delivered to us, the future. And today, in this present, we look to Zaha Hadid,
Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, Karim Rashid – to present to us – their shapes of the future.

Consider the following examples as being exemplary, to that end : :
and many thanks to Lydia Pawelak for this ‘watch-out’…..

We’re not, all that far away from what you’ve just seen.
And if you read the tech posts, and listen to all the underground Apple rumours, there’s a good chance that what
you’ve just seen here, is the forthcoming next generation iPhone…..

And, as to the future, other disciplines focus on similar concerns…..such as Hettich….

here’s a glimpse at what may be your kitchen in the NearFuture : :

So, now – let’s go for a drive…..

In Geneva, next month – at the 2011 International Motor Show – BMW will unveil
their newest concept vehicle….BWM Vision Connected Drive. It incorporates BMW’s
vision of the future and how a driver is at the center of their automotive engineering visions.
In brief, this concept vehicle would become an integral component in the world of tomorrow
where everything is networked – one vast quilt, personalised, customised, tailored to
the individual – his needs, his desires.

Take this for a spin – be sure to return it though – BMW gets rather upset if one takes off
with their concept cars : :

BMW comes by their relentless determination to capture the future, honestly.
Consider this – in 1957 they commissioned Raymond Loewy to design this car:

Almost 45 years ago!  One can easily see where the spirit of form, where the lines
of distinction that are an intrinsic part of the BMW mark, evolved from ……

Another brilliant design from Raymond Loewy:

The 1951 Studebaker…..and, of course, his revolutionary AVANTI. In a future post
[since we’re dealing with the future here] I intend to do a broader essay on Loewy,
and his contemporaries of that time.

However, the FuturePast has been imagined by many notable designers,
engineers and visionaries……Raymond Loewy was but one.

Another,  Norman Bel Geddes, obviously had a restless imagination….I would have to
think, that in those years – the 30’3, the 40’s – the prevalent conviction of American
design giants was simply that, ‘We can DO anything!’ And I suspect it was that
spirit that propelled America to the heights of excellence in innovation, design
and production.

A couple of Bel Geddes contributions : :  From 1934

And this – this never did ‘get off the ground’, so to speak – but the daringness
was infectious….the 747’s when first brought into service, shared certain
values as this  – flying thing….a 9 deck amphibian airplane : :

How’s this for a ‘floor plan’?

Now, back to the present…..

: : DesignTools : :
Developers have really taken to the iPad. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, either.
Since it’s launch, less than a year ago, Apple has sold millions – millions of
iPads. The software that runs on them (apps) is generally really inexpensive,
often only $.99 – others in the range of $2.00 – $10.00, and many – many are free.

Take a look at this app – it’s called Verto 3D. It is an honest-to-god 3D solids modeling
application – and it sells for  $3.99.

Here are some screenshots:


A colleague who is considering buying an iPad, asked me to prepare a list of the 20 most
useful iPad apps. I hadn’t actually sat down to do that previously, and it was an interesting
little study. She’s an interior designer, so much of the list deals with design issues…..
but most professions now have similar apps that have been developed for their requirements.
These, are the Top 20, in my opinion:

  1. AutoCAD WS (upload drawings & view, annotate, re-send from iPad)
  2. AutoCAD IPM viewer –
  3. AutoCAD SketchBook PRO
  4. iDraw
  5. ArtRage
  6. TimeLi – a great project management tool
  7. FreeForm by Adobe
  8. iDesign – vector–based drawing tool
  9. DaVinci – useful for documenting design work
  10. Adobe Ideas
  11. Dexigner – a dynamically updating article distribution – great articles every day about design, architecture, etc
  12. InteriorMag
  13. CoolHunting
  14. iConvert
  15. Boingo WiFi finder
  16. Idea Organizer
  17. Noteshelf – great tool for writing and adding freehand drawings to a file – all sendable by e-mail
  18. BlogShelf
  19. Desktop – a really nice desktop organizer
  20. ReadItLater – provides the ability to grab urls and save them to a ‘drawer’ so to speak for later retrieval

and one more,
Air Display ($9.99) will let you use your iPad as an external display for your Mac or PC.

: : DesignLinks : :


Produzione Ceramiche Sanitarie
Zona Industriale loc. Pantalone
01030 Corchiano (VT) Italy
Tel. +39 0761 573134 (r.a.)
Fax +39 0761 573458

It’s generally agreed – we all love the look of beautiful wood flooring, especially
wood planking. Such as this photograph shows. Note the tracery pattern inscribed in the wood plank.
Makes you wonder now they do that, right?
Well, firstly, it’s easy – well, easier – because it isn’t actually wood – it’s ceramic…..
Yes – ceramic. There are some fabulous tile flooring materials on the market
that appear to be wood, but are ceramic-based.
The better ones seem to come from Italy – why are we not surprised
about that. And it’s reasonably priced. Olympia Tile carries one now
called Castelvetro – it’s gorgeous and retails for about $10.00/sq ft.
This product is from a company, Fondovalle, in Italy. Here’s another screenshot
complete with the different colours available, and their coordinates.
Well, that’s our issue for this week.
There’s never enough time, never enough space….
I am collecting a wealth of links, resources, data for
our ensuing issues.
One forthcoming issue is going to focus on DesignGiantsPast….
here are a few images that, in their time, were – the future:
And finally, the Pantone 2011 Color Of The Year …..
Next week’s issue will feature the newest color trends
for fashion, interiors and design in general.
Plus, we’ll feature some of the amazing graphic design
competition winners of 2010.
We can always be contacted at comments@designplanonline.net


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