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Oh man! Do I ever want one of these…..

Way back – way, far back – when I was in public school, it was announced one day in our classroom that there was
to be an open competition to design, build and race – a soapbox ‘car’.

I was wild with excitement…. a frenzy of preparations ensued…… complicated by the fact that I had no funds by which
to construct my superRacer…..

But, somehow, as I recall, I prevailed…….I think the steering mechanism relied on ropes which controlled the
front wheels, and their angle. I wish I had photographs…..it was so much fun. We all congregated one Saturday morning
at the top of a local hill – all of us atwitter with excitement and nerves – and then, the race!

I remember nothing of it – except, in my head – in my mind’s eye….my Racer was as sleek, as beautiful – as elegant as this:

It might be labeled as a toy, but we sure wouldn’t mind kicking around town in the
Audi Auto Union Type C E-Tron Study ($TBA).

Inspired by Audi’s classic racers and based on a limited-edition pedal car model, the rear wheel-drive
Type C is powered by a small electric motor and a lithium-ion battery that propels one human —
up to 5′ 11″ — at speeds of up to 18 mph, and as far as 15 miles. Sure, it’s not a speedster by any
means, but it’s a much sportier way to get around the island thanthat golf cart you’ve been driving

Silly, yes? Ahhhh! But from such silliness comes wonderful réalisation….oui?

But – can’t you just see it? A main city street, chock-a-block full of little roadsters like this…

Yup – definitely do want one…..

One Response to “2 – 1 -2 : : DesignPlan : :”
  1. MJ says:

    I want one too!!! I’m short enough, our speed limit, tops here, is 35, so 18 would work. Probably not good with our potholes…maybe I’ll have to pass on it – of course it’s not the financial aspect! Very very cool!

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