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Ahhhh! How we seem to thrive on awards shows……the Golden Globes, the Genies, the Academy Awards – Grammies, Frankies,
the Webbies……

And yet there are so many others……in every field and profession.

Architecture, Interiors, Industrial Design – Electronics, Graphics….on and on and …..

Well – you know what I mean. And, is that maybe the point? DO THEY still MEAN something?
Or, is it becoming ‘much ado about ….’ ?

I’ve never had any kind of contact with the A-list awards – like those mentioned.
I have had some experience with professional awards – the competitions, the regulations – seeking conformance for qualification…..
sifting through candidate projects, arranging photography – writing the accompanying brief. There is a huge effort in simply
submitting one’s work for award consideration…… but obviously, the world and commerce are driven by credential and
acclamation. Third-party endorsements – regardless of who they’re from – will always carry more credibility because of the
intrinsic nature of the anonymity at the core of the entries evaluations.

This is a current listing of many [37] – not all – design competitions now open.
They are all hyperlinked so that full details are available should you wish to read them.

Summit Creative Award 2011

The SIA is the oldest and most prestigious organization conducting an award exclusively for firms with
limited billings those under $30 million.

ends February 7, 2011

ADC Designism Award

ADC Designism Award recognizes creatives who drive social and political change through their work.

ends February 8, 2011 (2 days left

2011 AIA Diversity Recognition Program

The AIA Diversity Recognition Program seeks to recognize architects for exemplary commitment and
contributions to diversifying the profession of architecture.

ends February 9, 2011 (3 days left)

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2011

Red Dot Award: Product Design is entering a new round. Designers and companies are once again
called upon to enter the global comparison and submit their products.

ends February 9, 2011 (3 days left)



With its INTRO competition, The Type Director’s Club (TDC) recognizes excellence in title design and
gives international artists a forum to showcase their work.

ends February 9, 2011 (3 days left)


2011 International Design Excellence Awards

The IDEA program is the premier international competition honoring design excellence in products, ecodesign,
interaction design, packaging, strategy, research and concepts. Entries are invited from designers, students and companies worldwide.

ends February 13, 2011 (7 days left)


Damn I’m Good

Crescent Hill Books is now accepting entries to the upcoming book, Damn I’m Good:
Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects.

ends February 14, 2011 (8 days left)



Posterheroes is an international contest for social communication based on the theme of sustainable energy.

ends February 15, 2011 (9 days left)


New UYC Clubhouse Competition

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Competitions Office announced a design competition
for a new Clubhouse Building for a Yacht Club in Cumbria.

ends February 15, 2011 (9 days left)


European Design Awards 2011

The European Design Awards is the comprehensive annual awards organisation celebrating the
best of graphic design, illustration and digital design in Europe.

ends February 15, 2011 (9 days left)


RSA Student Design Awards

The RSA Student Design Awards challenges professional designers-in-training to apply their skills to difficult social issues.

ends February 17, 2011 (11 days left)


Wolda 2010

Wolda is the high-profile graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout
the world, creating an archive that tracks the evolution of tastes, styles and trends in global design, year after year.

ends February 17, 2011 (11 days left)


Output Award 14

Output is one of the biggest international competitions for students in design and architecture.

ends February 18, 2011 (12 days left)


RIBA Awards 2011

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has issued a call for entries to its RIBA Awards programme
which celebrates the best examples of new British architecture.

ends February 18, 2011 (12 days left)


The Dieline Awards 2011

The Dieline Awards is a worldwide package design competition devoted exclusively to the art of brand packaging.

ends February 21, 2011 (15 days left)


Structural Packaging Show 2011

Structural Packaging Show is an international exhibition showing the best structures of packaging,
from the technical and graphical point of view.

ends February 24, 2011 (18 days left)


Design Guild Mark 2011

Design Guild Mark rewards excellence in the design of furniture in volume production.

ends February 25, 2011 (19 days left)


Create11 Interaction Design Conference

In June 2011 the CREATE Conference will host a one-day symposium in Shoreditch House, London.

ends February 28, 2011 (22 days left)


2011 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship….

The scholarship offers a grant to one student of architecture to fund international travel and research
on the topic and in the locations of the scholar’s choosing.

ends March 1, 2011 (23 days left)


enRoute Hotel Design Awards

enRoute Hotel Design Awards will celebrate the best Canadian-designed hotels around the world.

ends March 10, 2011 (1 month left)


Oregon Manifest 2011 Constructor’s Design….

Oregon Manifest is the one-of-a-kind American design and build competition that brings together custom
bike builders and leading design firms to redefine transportation for the everyday lifestyle cyclist.

ends March 10, 2011 (1 month left)


Young Package 2011

The Young Package competition is looking for international design students and young designs up to the
age of 30 to design innovative and exciting packaging.

ends March 15, 2011 (1 month left)


Bentley Student Design Competition 2011

The Bentley Student Design Competition gives students an opportunity to explore the crucial and rewarding
work of designing, building, operating, and sustaining the world’s infrastructure.

ends March 18, 2011 (1 month left)


Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction

The Holcim Awards is an international competition for projects that embody approaches to meet the present-day
needs for housing and infrastructure without compromising the ability of future generations to meet
their own needs in times to come.

ends March 23, 2011 (1 month left)


Autism Connects

Autism Connects technology and design competition challenges students to help individuals with
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to better connect with the world around them.

ends March 30, 2011 (1 month left)


Type Design International Student Competition

Type Design International Student Competition for a typeface commemorating the birth centennial of
Czeslaw Milosz – poet, writer, translator and Nobel laureate.

ends March 31, 2011 (1 month left)


Foam Magazine Talent Call

Foam Magazine’s annual Talent Call is now open for submissions. The winning works, chosen by the
Foam Magazine editorial team, will be published in Foam Magazine’s 2011 Talent issue.

ends April 17, 2011 (2 months left)


2011 Clarion Awards

Clarion Awards honor excellence in more than 100 categories across all communications disciplines.

ends April 23, 2011 (2 months left)


Maier S. Coop. Design Competition

The Fourth Maier S. Coop. Design Competition focuses on vehicle design and aimed at professional or amateur designers.

ends April 29, 2011 (2 months left)


9th Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture….

The 9th Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture will reward notable renovations carried
out in Europe during the past five years.

ends April 30, 2011 (2 months left)


HI-MACS European Design Contest 2011

HI-MACS European Design Contest aims to promote innovative design and support young
talent throughout Europe.

ends April 30, 2011 (2 months left)


The Generative Space Award

The Generative Space Award recognizes break-through designs that improve health and healthcare.

ends May 1, 2011 (2 months left)


World Design Impact Prize

World Design Impact Prize is an innovative and interactive design prize dedicated to recognizing,
empowering and stimulating socially responsible design projects and initiatives around the world.

ends May 10, 2011 (3 months left)


Ageless Design: Design for All Generations

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is launching the second edition of a competition to
design an innovative, sustainable and creative design product, including packaging, with a strong civil society message.

ends May 30, 2011 (3 months left)


2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Adobe Design Achievement Awards honors the best student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators,
animators, digital filmmakers, developers and computer artists from accredited higher education institutions worldwide.

ends June 24, 2011 (4 months left)


Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2011

The red dot design award calls upon designers, companies, design institutions and design studios to submit
their latest and best ideas for products.

ends July 10, 2011 (5 months left)


2011 Zerofootprint Re-skinning Awards

The Re-Skinning Awards invite the best minds in architecture, design, building, and engineering from around the
world to submit building projects that demonstrate the innovative use of energy retrofitting technologies.

ends August 31, 2011 (6 months left)



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