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1 – 5   : : DesignLens : :

On a regular basis, this section will display photographs pertinent to design,
architecture and the built environment.


The first photo is by a former student, Leonardo Bechini of Milan, Italy.
We met when he was completing a series of graphic design courses I taught
at College InterDec in Montreal.

Currently he is back at school completing his Master’s in Photography,
in Milan.

His work is remarkable…..in a future post I will provide a link to his online portfolio.
For now, enjoy this shot taken at McGill University



The second image is by Marcin Stawiarz, a Polish photographer, whose web-site is at: http://www.stawiarz.com.

In part, his philosophy is contained in these comments:

Since the beginning of my adventure with photography, every landscape has been an unforgettable experience, thanks to which I’ve learned how to interpret light – the single most important (and the single most waited for) factor that shapes my images. On the other hand, lighting is directly connected with another key element of photography – luck. Proper weather, interesting cloud patterns or even a couple of sunrays breaking through the clouds, have many times decided that after a couple of failed attempts I was able to reach a satisfactory effect the moment nature displayed her most unpredictable face.

The image below is of la Défense, Paris

And finally, the work of Frederic Silly, of France. His portfolio may be viewed at http://www.fabricesilly.gallery.artlimited.net

The image below is a shot of the Malmo Bridge, Sweden…..


One of the more prolific photographic web-sites is http://www.artlimited.net.
Think about becoming a member – no cost – and you will be updated daily with some of the most remarkable
photography, usually by amateurs and semi-professionals.



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