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Because I love kitchens – love being in them, working in them – cooking, and things related thereto – have become one of my two greatest passions – unfortunately coming a little too late in life to allow me the luxury of solitary/single focus.

But – I do love the ritual, the preparation ….. I can spend a ridiculous amount of time dicing carrots so that they are 1/8″ cubes….or slicing a scallion so that, lengthwise, it becomes a collection of thin, thin strands.

I dunno – it touches something at my core……oddly enough, since I quit smoking about 30 years ago, I have no sense of smell…..but I can taste! So weird – when I’m toiling, all my attention on the tasks at hand, and someone comes into the kitchen and says,
‘Man – does that smell good……’, I envy them.

And of course I have developed a number of favourite recipes over time – soups – soups are my greatest favourites. Sopa di ajo – about the best – Spanish garlic soup. I discovered it in a magazine about ten years ago. It is easily found in a Google search.I have, of course, improved it…. leastwise, I think so. See, I add in caramellised onions, ground turkey, sliced mushrooms – other spices…..it is my own penicillin ’cause the moment I feel myself coming down with something – like a cold, or aches – into the kitchen I go and make a batch. In fact, in the coldest of winter mornings, I will come into the kitchen, having left the big pot of soup sitting on the stovetop overnight (won’t hurt it….). I fire up the burner to get it to a boil, pour some in a bowl, crack an egg into it – pop it into the microwave (to cook the egg) -and that’s breakfast.

Of course, I’m rambling once again.  Why this topic? Today? Well, simply put, I’ve been doing my regular design resource research over the past week and up pops this:

Lovely, yes?

And then, this:

Boy! Would I ever love to have one of those to work on…..

In any event, reading, looking – questioning….one of my questions was whether these ranges (which use solid fuel) was available in North America.
Alas – they’re not…..United Kingdom, the EU -the civilised (as some would say….) part of the cooking world….

But, I did find this very detailed report:

Dual fuel range – 90cm range from Belling


The 90cm range from Belling, the Gourmet 90DF is the newest dual fuel range with ‘A’ energy rating and large 72 litre multifunction oven with defrost,
base heat, top heat and intense heat functions, a conventional heat and an energy efficient dual circuit grill. The spacious oven cavity also boasts two
removable shelves and enough space for 12 possible shelf positions, making it perfect for the Christmas dinner. The dual fuel Gourmet range comes complete with a five burner gas hob, including a powerful wok burner and robust cast iron pan supports. And for ease of cleaning, the oven interior features Easy Clean enamel, a unique enamel formulation which allows you to simply wipe the surface clean, without the need to scrub. In addition,
the 90cm range has removable burners, pan supports, inner door glass, shelves and shelf runners, allowing the consumer to clean every inch.
British designed and manufactured, the contemporary styled, high performance dual fuel range is available in a choice of black, red, stainless steel and pure white.

Frigidaire oven range – dual oven gas range


The stainless steel, dual oven Frigidaire gas range lets you cook the main entree in lower oven while baking your favorite dessert in the upper oven.
With its 70cm or 30-inch width, this Frigidaire oven range takes little space yet offers 5 gas burners, including powerful central burner,
and professional stainless steel styling with stainless cooktop and enameled steel grates. The lower oven has 2 adjustable 3-position racks for
added flexibility and the upper oven has a fixed rack, so you can cook two different pies at the same time. Frigidaire also incorporated convenient
cooktop lid which lifts up when cooking and is easily removed for cleaning. When the dual oven gas range is not in use, the lid can be closed for a
tidy kitchen appearance. Other features of this Frigidaire gas range include electric grill, glass oven doors, 2 oven lights, minute timer, electronic ignition, oven and cooktop gas shutoffs. While this range from Frigidaire is available only for European and Asian markets, you still might find it in Canada for $1,000 CAD.

Frigidaire range – dual fuel slide-in range


New stainless steel Frigidaire range, the 30-inch FPDS3085KF from Frigidaire Professional Line is the dual fuel slide-in range with
4-burner gas rangetop, versatile 4.2 cu.ft. oven and bottom warming drawer with Pro-style stainless handles. The porcelain, deep drawn
rangetop has continuous, cast iron grates, flexible front-right burner with the range from 600 BTU for slow simmering of delicate foods
and sauces to whopping 17,000 BTU for fast boiling of oil or water, front-left burner with 9,500 BTU, rear-right burner with 5,000 BTU
and powerful rear-left burner with 15,000 BTU. The dual radiant oven of this Frigidaire slide-in range comes with 2.5 kW bake element,
8-pass 4.0 kW Vari broil element and third convection element. The cooking modes and functions include Convection Bake, Convection Broil,
Convection Roast, Effortless Convection, Preheat, Quick Preheat, Keep Warm, Chicken Nugget Button, Pizza Button and My Favorite.

Cannon Langdale cooker in metallic silver


This compact, only 50cm wide, electric cooker from Cannon looks very sharp in metallic silver finish. The sleek and versatile Cannon Langdale
has ceramic hob with 4 fast-heat cooking zones including 2 large and 2 smaller for cooking flexibility, and 4 hob ON indicator lights for each
zone for improved safety. The E50ELS compact cooker also offers single electric oven with separate variable grill in the upper compartment,
perfectly suitable for open-door grilling. The fan assisted oven provides excellent results with thorough and even cooking at lower temperatures.
Its slow-cook economy setting is ideal for stews and casseroles.

Both grill and oven compartments have internal lighting and double-glazed viewing windows, making it easy to check what is cooking.
Catalytic lining in the ovens vaporises grease at high temperatures, keeping the interiors clean. Other features and accessories of this stylish
Cannon Langdale cooker in metallic silver include digital clock and minute minder, easy-to-grip control knobs with graphics, enamelled
grill pan and 2 wire 5-position shelves. Price is £372. Also available in white, black and stainless steel. Cannon.

Freestanding double oven with induction hob


The new Belling FSE60i is the first freestanding double oven with induction hob for UK market. Offering a greener, more energy efficient way to cook,
the FSE60i has an induction hotplate with four rotary controlled elements and a griddle function. For peace of mind, this double oven features
a child lock, pan detection technology, a pan overheat sensor which prevents the cooking zone from reaching a dangerous temperature and a safety
shutdown device that will automatically shutdown all cooking zones if the appliance is left unattended. As important, the incorporation of an induction hotplate brings considerable energy savings during the cooking process as induction technology is approximately 30 percent more efficient than cooking on a gas hob and 25 percent more efficient than cooking on ceramic.


60cm induction range by De Dietrich


The sharp looking 60cm induction range, De Dietrich DCi799XU1 marries a pyroclean oven with an induction hob, offering
the best of both technologies. All 4 induction zones have boost function and 15 power levels with levels 7-11-15 being directly
accessible. Touch controls, 4 programmable 99-minute timers, auto-safety shut off, residual heat indicators and child lock
make induction range top convenient and safe to use.

The 56-litre multifunction oven has 3 programmable memory functions which allow you to customize and store cooking modes,
times and temperatures, so your favorite dishes are always only few touches away. Cooking modes include fan cooking,
combined heat/pizza setting, conventional Eco cooking, turbo grill, full width variable grill, economy grill, Bio grill, defrost,
keep warm and conventional cooking. Other oven features are cool-touch door with 4 panes of glass, easy-clean inner glass door,
electronic clock and programmable timer. De Dietrich also equipped this 60cm induction range with Eolyse, a sophisticated air
purification system to remove bad cooking smells, fumes and grease. High grade, easy-clean enamel interior, interior halogen
light and storage compartment. Price for the De Dietrich DCi799XU1 is £1,100.

Dual fuel ranges from Maytag


Maytag offers two dual fuel ranges, the 90cm wide single SOV90GRC and 100cm wide SOV100GRC double oven range, both featuring
ergonomically designed and easy to use control knobs, timer with delay start function and stainless steel single sheet hob surface for
easy cleaning. The versatile six-burner dual fuel ranges have two 3.5 kW triple ring wok burners, two 1.7 kW burners, a 3.0 kW and a 1.0 kW burner.
The 90cm range has 75 litre oven with 8 functions including defrost, grill, fan grill, fan assisted, conventional, top heat, bottom heat and turnspit.
Interior light, grill pan and trivet, two five-position shelves and bottom storage drawer. The 100cm dual fuel range has the main, 61 litre oven
with 8 functions that include defrost, grill, fan grill, fan assisted, conventional, top heat, bottom heat and turnspit as well as the secondary 35 litre oven with 4 functions including top heat, bottom heat, grill and conventional oven. Both ovens come with light, grill pan and trivet.
The main oven offers two five-position shelves while the secondary has one. A bottom drawer offers convenient storage place.
Both Maytag dual fuel ranges come with cast iron pan supports and wok rings, LCD Display and electronic ignition.

36 inch gas range cooker from Dacor – 6-burner range


This new Dacor Epicure is the sleek 36 inch gas range which is sure to become the centerpiece of your kitchen.
Attractively styled with Dacor Illumina burner controls that glow the signature blue flame when they are on, sharp looking handle and
continuous cast iron grids, this 36 inch gas range cooker offers unparalleled cooking performance and flexibility.
For professional grade cooking, Dacor incorporated the Simmer Sear burners for the super-specific simmer or sear at ultra-low
or ultra-high temps as well as its three-part convection system with fan, air baffle and convection filter to ensure zero flavor transfer,
precise oven temperature control and ideal heat distribution. Among many sought-after features you expect from Dacor ranges, are sealed
6-burner range top that includes 2 Simmer Sear burners with 800 to 18,500 BTU, 2 powerful gas burners with 15,000 BTU and 2 gas burners
with 9,500 BTU as well as large oven with 4 cooking modes, hidden 30,000 BTU stainless steel bake element, 18,000 BTU
infrared ceramic broil element and electronic hot surface igniters on both elements.

30 inch range cooker – 5 burner gas ranges


The new 30 inch range cooker, Fisher & Paykel OR30SNDGX is powerful and versatile range that allows homeowners
with small kitchen enjoy professional grade cooking. Fisher & Paykel engineers managed to pack this 30 inch gas range
with features that normally are found in wider cookers. The 5 burner gas range top has 4 single flow burners, 10,000 BTUs
each and a central dual flow burner with 15,000 BTUs, providing performance and flexibility to cook anything you want.
Durable cast iron grates enhance the contemporary design while allowing easily move the heaviest pots and pans.
The large convection oven offers 4.0 ft³ capacity to go with fan to circulate air throughout the cavity for even temperatures,
and has baking and broiling modes. The 30 inch range is finished in brushed stainless steel and boasts a fresh, robust modern look.

Bertazzoni ranges from new Master Series


Bertazzoni has added a new line to its product mix with the addition of the bold, professional-grade Master Series.
Featuring a strong, sophisticated look and technologically advanced features, these Bertazzoni ranges represent a compelling
new line for people who enjoy cooking. The Master Series extends Bertazzoni longstanding commitment to providing consumers
with high-quality value proposition-based products. This series, along with the Professional and Heritage Series already in the market,
is offered at a significantly more attractive price point than comparable competitive products. The range design, according to Paolo Bertazzoni,
the company fifth generation president, was to take a traditionally styled commercial range and infused it with Italian finesse,
creating a proud and meticulous, yet practical design that will be the focal point in every kitchen, completing any décor from the traditional to the contemporary.

As the third of three distinctive product lines offered by Bertazzoni – adding to the Professional Series and Heritage Series
– the Master Series completes the wide array of design choices available to consumers. The Heritage Series features a classic style
that celebrates the company rich history of innovation and excellence while the Professional Series offers clean lines and streamlined elegance.
And the Master Series presents the perfect blend of power and passion.

La Germania range – six burner cooker


This La Germania range is Americana Twin Pro Series 90×60 Double Oven, available in stainless steel and three matt finishes –
crema, vino or nero. The rugged and well-engineered six burner gas range cooker offers 57 litre multifunction main oven with
integrated electric grill, 41 litre conventional oven, cast iron pan supports, chrome temperature gauge, large knobs with soft touch,
one hand electronic ignition, flame failure device and triple glass oven doors. La Germania is a subsidiary brand of the Bertazzoni,
and the latter influence is evident in this agile, professional style cooker. The six burner rangetop features powerful 3.5 kW wok burner,
large 3 kW burner, 2 medium 1.75 kW and 2 small 1.0 kW burners. You can buy this 90 cm wide La Germania Americana range in stainless,
cream or black. Check other La Germania ranges atRangecookers UK as their selection is one of the best


Viking range – dual fuel ranges from Custom Series


The 48 inch wide dual fuel Viking range from the Custom series is the robust stainless steel Viking range cooker with 8 sealed gas burners,
2 dual fuel electric ovens with 73 and 133 litre capacities, 8 program modes and a temperature range of 40°C to 275°C.
The range also offers the fastest preheating system, the largest convection fan blade and the most reliable SureSpark ignition system.
Other key features of this Viking range include VariSimmer setting for precision control of ultra-low cooking temperatures,
exclusive TruConvec convection cooking that uses only convection element in rear of oven and fan-forced air with no direct heat and the
restaurant-quality Gourmet-Glo infrared broiler that delivers intense heat searing meats and fish while keeping juices in.
Viking also incorporated 10-pass dual concealed bake element that provides finer temperature control and makes range oven clean
up easy as well as Vari-Speed dual flow convection system to maximize airflow and fluffiness by turning the fan in both directions. Range price is $9,700.Viking.


Kenmore induction range


The first ever freestanding induction range, Kenmore Elite 99913 features a full induction cooktop with 4 induction zones and
electronic controls for precise temperature control. The 10″, 8″, 7″ and 6″ diameter induction zones give you a flexibility to fit any pan.
The burners are controlled with Kenmore Precision Set Controls which allow incremental power increase and power monitoring with
digital readouts to repeat settings as needed. This sharp looking range also comes with newly designed metal handle, blue LED display
and picture window door design. Equipped with 3.5 kW bake element and 4.0 kW broil element, the 5.8 ft³ true convection oven has
3 racks and easily handles all cooking needs, accommodating four 12 lbs turkeys and 3 pies at once and, with the addition of a fan and
hidden third heating element, delivers outstanding results. It also makes cleaning quite an easy task.

Electric dual oven range by Kenmore Elite


This electric dual oven range is one of the most stylish models available today. Unique design highlights include new
Kenmore Elite visual elements, full width glass touch controls, newly designed metal handle, blue LED display and picture
window door design. Performance and function wise, the dual oven range offers outstanding value, allowing you to cook
multiple dishes at various temperatures at the same time. Its 5-element cooking surface offers
– a 9″/12″ diameter 3.0/1.8 kW dual element
– a 9″ diameter Turbo Boil 3.4 kW element
– two 6″ diameter elements, 1.2 kW each
– a Warm and Ready zone

The electric Turbo Boil element is Kenmore most powerful and versatile radiant element, delivering 3,200 watts as well as the
ability to turn off one of the ribbon elements allowing for incredible range of power. Precision Set Controls let you increase power
to the elements in small increments for incredible control. The digital readout enables you to easily repeat cooking results over and over.
The industry exclusive upper oven with hidden bake element ensures easier clean up and a cleaner look. The lower true convection
oven combines a fan and hidden third heating element to deliver better browning throughout the oven. Multi rack baking saves time.
It also roasts food faster with better results than a standard oven. Other features of this electric dual oven range are Sabbath mode,
automatic shut-off for both ovens and hot surface indicators. Price is around $2,000.

Electric range cooker from Kenmore


This versatile Kenmore electric range cooker comes with electronic touch controls and allows you to cook multiple dishes at once,
thanks to its two independently controlled self-cleaning ovens. The smaller 2.0 ft³ upper oven heats quickly and uses less energy
than regular size ovens, and can be used alone for small meals and snacks. The main oven offers 4.3 ft³ capacity and uses two-speed
convection to provide even results in less time than conventional ovens. The smooth, black Ceran cooktop is easy to clean,
and features 5 electric radiant elements including:
– a dual 9″/6″ diameter zone with 2.5/1.2 kW
– 2 standard 6″diameter zones, 1.2 kW each
– a triple 12″/9″/6″ diameter zone with 2.7/2.0/1.2 kW
– a warming zone

Kenmore also incorporated Sabbath Mode that overrides auto shut-off so that foods remain warm and ready when you need it.
Bright and natural halogen lighting in both ovens helps you to better monitor food color changes.

The foregoing is available, with additional detail, at:  http://www.appliancist.com/ranges/?start=30

So – cooktops, glass door refrigerators, motion sensor faucets – at CES, and at recent industry trade shows, the kitchen of
tomorrow will be radically changed – not in how we use it, per se, but in how we can program it . Many, if not most kitchen
appliances will soon be equipped with USB ports – even your toaster. The science of cooking should enable us to wring greater
pleasure, with less gruntwork, out of  the world of culinary delights…….

On a personal note, our kitchen has two coffee-makers. The inimitable Nespresso….

shown here with the milk frother unit and the more recent addition, the Cuisinart

(Cuisinart DGB-900BCC Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew Thermal 12 Cup Coffeemaker)

It is, remarkable…….so easy. Pour the coffee beans into the top hopper, set the quantity and strength dial, add water – et voila!

Simply the best home-brewed coffee I’ver ever experienced.

By the way – neither of the forenoted devices have USB ports – yet.


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