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Okay class – so, come to order……phew! We’ve all heard that before, at least once, right?

Don’t think I’ve ever said it myself, though.

I am currently teaching 3 different classes – 2 sections for each one.

I was thinking the other day – as we now have two full weeks under our belts……in total, I am dealing with almost 100 students.

That’s a small number when I think of a colleague of mine who teaches at Concordia University – and her classes/lectures have about 125 students……

I suppose, if one attains that level of expertise and education, to teach at the university level…..that such lecture hall sizes are the norm. And, one would
quickly get accustomed to it. I would also think, that in order to conduct a class – to ‘shepherd’ the transaction, passing ‘learning’ to those there –
that it would have to be quite impersonal. I know, last year, when I was teaching Technical Detailing and Millwork for Interior Designers – my class size was 28.
It was a 3 hour class. As I pointed out to the faculty administration – in any given class, the ability to provide quality one-on-one time with each student, is impossible.
Three hours – 180 minutes (less 30 minutes break time = 150 minutes) divided by 28 – well, it’s just about 5 minutes per student. And that allows no time for lectures,
demonstration, instruction…….. It’s not surprising that each week, I spent an additional hour in the design lab – trying to deal with issues, concerns, questions.

Is this all important? I think so – I really do, as a teacher, instructor, facilitator, guide – professeur, or whatever…..I enjoy my classes – I enjoy getting to know their
strengths/weaknesses ……. the understanding of just how to explain a concept, a reason – a rationale……so that from their personal perspective, it resonates and makes sense.

Aren’t all teachers supposed to follow such a path?  But, it’s hard…… the first 2 – 3 weeks are always stressful. Full of uncertainties….’Am I reaching them?  Do they think I’m a jerk? Should I care if they do [I do]?’  In the most part, I seem to have their attention. In the most part, I sense their genuineness, their passion…….in the most part, I know, they care.

Everybody knows, teachers do not teach, for the money……nada. It’s an investment, I believe, for most all of us……an investment that, following your time with them through a semseter,
one never gets to see the ROI…….the Return On Investment.  That, comes with the territory.

So – this blog……what is it for? Does it have a purpose?    What impels me to spend hours seeking/searching the vast reaches of the internet for items of interest?
It’s a sharing thing…..simply that. As is teaching. Sharing – sharing knowledge, sharing experiences [so that other learn from mistakes, from experiences] – sharing passion
[finding that passion and encouraging its outlet is an underscore of a teacher’s role], sharing hopes, dreams – and a common investment in the future.

That’s all it is……..and the sharing of respect, although respect is only valuable when it’s been earned – but,


is the fulcrum against which education, and teaching, is balanced.


So – all this to say…… if you’re in one of my classes, I’m happy to know you. We will become closer – you will work harder, I will help more/er…….

I’m looking forward to our journey together…..I just wanted to share that with you.

Michael Moore ASID, RGD, SEGD, DMI


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