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La question du jour….

What means – Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd ?

The 1st one with the correct answer, wins a T-Shirt……it requires all details to be considered correct.

Persons under 18 and of questionable provenance, pedigree or otherwise – may be excluded from consideration…..or, not!

4 Responses to “1 – 3 : : Design? : :”
  1. Ali Boechler says:

    Ingvar Kamprad – the name of the founder of IKEA
    Elmtaryd – the farm he was raised on
    Agunnaryd – the village where he grew up

    • designplan says:

      Bravo Ali! Good job…. I will post the available selection of t-shirts…..if you’re interested, I will need size. MXM
      One other question – in which year was it formed? This question is just for fun……

  2. Veronica Druta says:

    it was founded in 1943

  3. jon says:

    Good Job Ali!

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