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In the process of exploration, combing through the internet looking for design points-of-interest, one never knows what one may find.

That is, in part, what makes the internet both endlessly fascinating, and endlessly tiring. It takes quite a bit of perseverance to seek out both elements of design that
appeal to my own standards, and examples that I feel are both informative, and instructional at the same time…..

I was pleased to come across the work of interior designer Michelle Workman (www.michelleworkman.com) who recently completed the LA home for Jennifer Lopez.

It is featured in Veranda magazine, and the articles states, in part:

‘Jennifer Lopez knows a thing or two about red-carpet glamour. But at her California residence, a different, more serene glamour prevails. In the foyer, a dramatically sweeping staircase greets visitors. Beneath, a lunette sofa graciously invites them to stay. A white lacquered piano makes a striking statement in the living room, but it’s the ethereal blue-grays, velvet sheens and shimmering silvers that truly captivate. In the pale mauvedining room and pastel peach guest bedroom, crystal and blown-glass chandeliers gleam like pieces of jewelry.

“It’s sort of Jennifer in a nutshell—she has a romantic streak,” says interior designer Michelle Workman of her multi-talented client, who becomes a judge on American Idol this winter. “It’s tastefully glamorous, like Jennifer herself. That approach goes along with my whole design philosophy, which is about capturing the personalities of the homeowners.”

Workman, who enhanced the allure factor by adding Art Deco touches throughout the house, says the key to keeping everything in balance is the subtle gradations of color across the generously scaled rooms.

“There are all these tones of gray, and we played with that—using a bit more of a gray-taupe here, a bit more of a gray-blue there,” says Workman. “It’s almost like a black-and-white film from the forties.”

And to think that most of the decoration of the house was pulled off in just over ten weeks, an unheard-of feat for most design jobs. Workman had nearly completed a château-inspired house for Lopez when the singer-actress had a change of heart—she didn’t want to be locked into a classically French look.

“Jennifer wanted to go modern and streamlined but retain the sophistication and stylishness,” says Workman.’

Here are a few of the photos that appear in that issue:

All in all, a lovely, tranquil palette has produced a sense of quiet serenity, gentle ambience. Bravo, Ms Workman.

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  1. Veronica Druta says:

    I love the space! I find that the colors are calming and harmonized well between each other, the space definitely reflects Jennifer’s personality.
    Usually colors are the elements that bring the accent in the space, but here the accent is given by the light that covers all the surfaces.
    however if i was to be a critic, I would say to add a bit of masculine. if the space is for Jennifer and only for Jennifer then its the perfect fit, yet a man would not feel as comfortable in the space. I would give it some tough elements as well, so that it can still relate to J.Lo, but not exclude entirely people that are in J.Los life.

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