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1 – 2        As might be expected, d e s i g n is such an all-embracing being – and so much that we bump up against, on a daily cruise through web-sites, blogs, magazines, trade press, etc….can be in cross categories…… I will try my best to place the topicality of any given post into the appropriate drawer, but you may find things/topics somewhat misplaced…..just enjoy as best you can…..

For starters, this past week has been a bit of treasure trove of offbeat but wonderful finds:

From Remodelista….

Cork Stopper Lamp Kit

Price: $12.05 (per pack of 2)

Product: Cork Stopper Lamp Kit

Price: $12.05
Brand: National Artcraft  (purchase from Amazon)



Cork Stopper Lamp Kit Turns a Keepsake Wine Bottle Into An Instant Lamp! (Lot of 2) That vintage wine bottle will never look better! Here is your chance to convert your collectible into a lamp that will be the center of conversation. This cork stopper lamp conversion kit works with any standard wine bottle and is assembled and ready to use. The brass plated socket has a push-thru, on-off switch and the 6 ft. brown cord has a polarized molded end plug. The 1″ cork measures 7/8″ diameter at the top and tapers to 5/8″ at the bottom. (Please note that this kit is for indoor use only). This offer is for 2 brand new Bottle Stopper Lamp Kits. Be sure to visit our National Artcraft Storefront to see more related items AND hundreds more products that fit all your craft, art and hobby needs!!! We have the creative component you need!!! Please Note: To avoid risk of fire, burns, electrical shock or other injury, install correctly, do not exceed ratings and do not place where small children can reach.

Cork is 7/8″ Top, 5/8″ Bottom, Brass Cap is 1″ Dia.

Fits Most Wine Bottles

6 ft. Brown Cord

Socket Prewired

Complete and Ready To Use.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .    .    .    .    .     .     .    .      .      .      .       .          .              .                 .                   .                        .

From Englad

Howe Furniture (http://www.howelondon.com/)

From the many wonderful things to be found here, this sofa is particularly lovely in its serenity and elegant, quiet detailing:

…..just look at the stitching detail : :

……and the leg detail : :

….and the following doesn’t really fall under Resources – except, it could be, if it was what you were looking for for a  job……

PantoneCalendar 2011 (designed by Derek Bowers)

‘My brief’ says Derek,  ‘was to create a calendar for Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour. The main aim for me was to make this calendar relevant on a global scale. With the colour wheel being universally recognised, I used this and combined it with a mosaic made up of 1440 different images to create my main graphic. Sticking with the whole worldwide idea, I have included many visual references to a host of different countries within the mosaic, and highlighted many of the main religious and cultural holidays throughout the year.

To answer a question I have been asked a few times, no ‘special software’ was used to produce this. The grid was build in Illustrator and I placed all 1440 images by hand in (as close to as possible) some sort of colour order.’

“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of.”



WOW! Now, this – this I wish I had had done……such a simple yet powerful
statement of representation … of a Mission Statement (Pantone), as a clever
and powerfully analogical statement – of fact and theory .
The Color Wheel has never looked so good……
if you want to see more of Derek’s work go here:

http://www.behance.com is a very good site, providing showcasing for numerous design
professionals…..a virtual gallery of accomplishment.


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  1. Jon says:

    Nice job here, newsy, instructive, inspiring! BRAVO!

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